Tutorial: NT Targeted Transaction

1. In the BitKeep app, add NT (0x8b70512b5248e7c1f0f6996e2fde2e952708c4c9) to the list in your wallet. Go to the Details page or Market page of NT, where you can see the entry link of the NT Targeted Transaction event.

2. Tap the entry link to enter the event page, which shows the event reward and specified token pair to swap. Tap Swap Now under the token pair to go to Swap, and enter your desired transaction amount. The optimized channel will be automatically searched and leveraged to complete the swap.

3. Go back to the Details page of NT when the transaction is complete. Then go to the event page to check your history and BKB rewards. The more you swap, the more BKB you’ll get. The transaction reward of each day will be calculated and settled at 0:00 (GMT+8) the next day. You can click Claim to get your BKB rewards of the previous day after 0:00.

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