Referral Campaign Tasks Tutorial

How to bind the referral code?

1. Click the link to enter the campaign page and connect your BSC wallet.

NEXTYPE invitation link:

2. Click [Bind] to bind the official referral code or friends' referral code.

How to complete the newbie tasks?

Community Tasks

On the referral campaign page to complete the first task

Join NEXTYPE Discord, Telegram group, and follow NEXTYPE Twitter.

After joining and following, you need to wait about 10 minutes to receive your rewards.

Mining Tycoon V2 Tasks

1. Before completing the task, you need to buy at least 2,000 NT on PanCakeSwap .

NT Contract: 0xfbcf80ed90856AF0d6d9655F746331763EfDb22c

Buy NT on PanCakeSwap:

2. Then enter Mining Tycoon V2 , click [POOLS], and choose any lock period. You need to lock at least 2000 NT.

You can get 2000 vNT after locking.

IGO Tasks

Enter NFT Mining Area in NEXTYPE IGO, click [Stake] and stake 2,000 vNT.


NFT Arena Tasks

Enter NFT Arena and select the Credit Match to start the battle. Win 5 battles to complete the 10-credit tasks.

NFT Arena Link:

NFT Master V2 Tasks

Follow the tutorial to complete the tasks in NFT Master V2.

NFT Master V2:

How to receive Hackathon Box rewards?

Claim the Hackathon Boxes on the referral campaign page. Then go to the [Storage] in NFT Master V2, and open the Hackathon Boxes.

NFT Master V2:

1. On the referral campaign page, click [Invite Friends] to get your referral link and share it with your friends.

2. After your friends use your referral, your referral code will be displayed on it by default, just click to bind it.

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