🎁MiningTycoon V2 Surprise Giveaway Events

Dear NEXTYPE Community,

With the support from our players and communities, V2 is officially launched on HECO and BNB Chain.

Surprise Giveaway Events in MiningTycoon V2 will be held, in which players who meet specific requirements will receive the corresponding rewards.

💰Level up in MiningTycoon V2 to Share 100,000 NT

Date: Mar 14 - Mar 21

Rewards: 100,000 NT (50,000NT on BNB Chain and 50,000NT on HECO Chain)

Distribution Date: Within 1 week after the end of the Event


1. New users refer to those who never entered MiningTycoon V2 before Mar 14.

2. During the event, the new users who reach level 10 in the game will be counted as valid and equally share 100,000NT rewards.

3. Rewards will be distributed to all the winners’ addresses directly.

🎁Hello V2! Goodbye V1!

Date: 11 AM UTC on 16 Mar - 4 AM UTC on 28 Mar

Distribution Date: Before the Mid-April

Rewards: 20 MiningTycoon V1 Exclusive Commemorative NFTs

Game Benefits: Increase NT output in all Rookie Pools by 2%


1. 20 lucky winners who leave words about the stories or feelings to say Goodbye to MiningTycoon V1 and address in the Twitter comment section will be selected to win 1 MiningTycoon V1 Exclusive Commemorative NFT each.

*10 on BNB Chain and 10 on HECO Chain

2. MiningTycoon V1 Exclusive Commemorative NFT will display the words left by the lucky winner, also the winner’s wallet address, the Computing Power, and other info related to MiningTycoon V1.

3. The rewards will be distributed to the winners’ addresses within a month.

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