Development Goals

1. R&D Management Mechanism

1.1 Establishing the standard specification of GameFi products

By combining the experience based on the traditional game industry with the characteristics of the blockchain industry, we have established a standard project specification of GameFi product, aiming at 4 aspects, including market demand, core gameplay, art style, and economic model.

1.2 Establishing the standard process of GameFi products R&D

Centered on the game producer, establish the standard process of GameFi products based on engine development, server development, smart contract development, etc. NEXTYPE's engineers have experience in Unity3D, Cosos, and other mainstream game engines and can quickly realize the performance development of clients. NEXTYPE's server engineers have experience in Erlang, Golang, Java, and other mainstream back-end languages. They have gathered many sets of server frameworks and architecture systems over a long time, allowing them to quickly develop mainstream game types such as turn-based games, MMORPGs, Card IDLE games, and Simulation games. NEXTYPE's smart contract engineers are familiar with smart contracts programming for all kinds of DeFi and continue to develop smart contracts for GameFi on their own. The game producer will coordinate all technical teams to achieve the goal of speedy development based on a process-oriented work mechanism, which decreases 30%-50% of the game’s technical development period compared to traditional games of the same scale.

1.3 Establishing the standard distribution mechanism of GameFi products

In the traditional game field, the publisher plays a vital role. When a high-quality game product is not chosen by the appropriate publisher, it will also affect the commercial performance. NEXTYPE's publishing team has more than 10 years of experience in traditional game publishing. We will use this experience combined with the market and operation characteristics of the blockchain field to establish a standard distribution mechanism for GameFi products, including community components and operations, in-depth cooperation with game guilds, and a sustainable marketing strategy. We aim to achieve the best distribution for each game with low cost and high effect.

2. Business Cooperation Mechanism

2.1 Standardized game co-development mechanism

Based on the standardized game development process established and successfully implemented internally, we will conduct in-depth R&D cooperation with senior game developers/studios to promote the GameFi products development rapidly. NEXTYPE will establish partnerships with over 300 game developers worldwide, quickly develop game products according to market demand, and share game revenues through distribution and operation.

2.2 Standardized game co-distribution mechanism

GameFi products that are not developed or co-developed by NEXTYPE can be licensed to co-distribute and operate through cooperation with NEXTYPE based on the ecology and users to maximize commercial value and generate revenue quickly. In this process, the co-distributed games will be linked to NEXTYPE platform token NT in terms of the economic model. While helping the game to gather potential users quickly, it will bring more empowerment to the platform token NT.

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