📑Vote for the DLC upgrade in MiningTycoon V2

Dear NEXTYPE Community,

Since the launch of MiningTycoon V2 in January 2022, we have constantly been optimizing the product and the infrastructure of the game so that each player can experience the fun and charm of GameFi while gaining revenue.

At the same time, the development of MiningTycoon V2 DLC enters the final stages, which contains three core features: IGO Mining Pool, Candy Mining Pool, and the Mining Pool of staking token to mine NFT. To let our players have a better experience in DLC, we plan to separate the DLC features, integrating and upgrading them into a product.

Here are the benefits of upgrading the DLC function as a separate product:

1. More product entrances, more cleaner product interface, and a better functional experience.

2. A stronger brand, which helps expand more quality collaborative projects.

3. Richer the products type of NEXTYPE ecosystem.

Of course, we hope everyone in the NEXTYPE community can be involved in this decision, so we're launching a vote, and everyone in the NEXTYPE community can participate. Excitingly, we will randomly reward 50 lucky voters with 200 NT each!

Time: 12pm 4th Mar. UTC - 4am 8th Mar. UTC

Introduction of the three core features of IGO products

1. IGO(Initial Game Offering)

NEXTYPE will partner with quality projects to launch IGO Mining Pools. NEXTYPE players could be whitelisted by holding NT to enter the IGO process and get the initial token shares of quality projects in a more cost-effective way.

2. Candy Mining Pool

NEXTYPE will partner with quality projects to launch Candy Mining Pools, and eligible players can stake NT to mine the project's tokens.

3. Stake Token to mine NFT pools

NEXTYPE will partner with quality projects to issue co-branded NFTs and open NFT mining pools, where players will have the opportunity to earn rare NFT rewards by staking Tokens.

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