Progress Report in Oct

Dear NEXTYPE Community,

Thanks for your support and trust in NEXTYPE.

The monthly progress report in October of NEXTYPE is as follows, please review.

Big Events

1) The 12th -15th season of MiningTycoon are ended successfully. The total NT staked exceeds 60.5M and players from 127+ countries participated

2) The SafePal WHO Campaign is officially launched

3) The initial issuance of NT on BSC is completed

4) The new website of MingTycoon is officially launched

Core Data

1) Addresses holding NT: 51,5K

2) NEXTYPE Official Twitter: 101K

3) NEXTYPE Official Telegram: 90K

4) Total NT burnt: 200.5k

5) Total countries and regions covered by MiningTycoon: 127+

Progress in Development

Ø MiningTycoon

1) Added the new function of new functions of batch use and one-key use feature of game props

2) Added a token whitelist function in the BSC version

3) Added the features related to new token payment

4) Added data statistic features

5) Added drop-down refreshing data function in home page, information and personal center

6) Deployed the game on the BSC and completed the test

7) Designed the new layout of the game map

8) Optimized the process of user registration and creation

9) Optimized the process of Gold collecting

10) Optimized the maintenance and upgrading process of Mining Machine components

11) Optimized the sild show on the home page and the interface of the games list

12) Designed the features related to NFT collections

13) Completed the design of co-branded NFTs with other top projects

14) Modified the data retention rate issues

15) Dealt with the problem of asynchronous Mining Machine shapes after the NFT is traded

16) Developed the NT-L Mining License store in the game

17) Designed the new game scene facilities, new NFT, and new NPC

Ø NFT Cross-chain

1) Developed the new functions of NFT management of cross-chain

2) Added new function of blockchain-searching in the transaction list

3) Completed the preliminary test of NFT cross-chain

Ø NFT Master

1) Optimized the system and interface

2) Completed the design of the auction system

3) Added data statistic features

4) Modified the data retention rate issues

5) Added drop-down refreshing data function in home page, information and personal center

6) Optimized the UI of Market and trading

7) Scheduled the development of features about searching and sorting

8) Designed the new map

Ø NT GameBox

1) Modified the Dapp list, information list, and game details data

2) Optimized game details and merged the functions lottery

3) Modified the layout of the tag list page and consultation list page

4) Optimized the process and logic for the wallet to request payment information

5) Added classification list and popular game module

6) Completed the optimizations of loading page and the UI on PC

7) Optimized the UI of the Marker and Trading section

8) Added the new features of searching, filtering, and sorting

9) Completed the auction function development scheme and the development is in progress

10) Unified the request of home page slide show and game list to reduce the times of interface requests

11) Added drop-down refreshing features in homepage, consultation, and personal center


Complete the system design of game functions


Completed the main functions planning of the game


1) Launched the WHO Campaign with SafePal, the first hardware wallet portfolio of Binance serving more than 4 million users across the globe

2) The cooperation of NT supporting and continuously promoted

3) The cooperation with high-quality projects on the BSC continues to be launched soon

4) The IDO event and co-branded NFTs will be launched soon

5) The user’s feedback survey for the Public Beta Test of NFT Master is started

6) MiningTycoon and NT are officially supported by Coin98 wallet

7) The whole new website of MiningTycoon is officially launched


NEXTYPE is the world's leading blockchain game-integrated distribution platform, focusing on self-dev. original GameFi games, traditional games remake with blockchain, NFT commercialization empowerment of top IPs, providing players with top blockchain game experience, and dedicated to building a next-generation Gameverse in the coming metaverse.



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