Mining Farm

How to level up the Mining Farm?

The experience to upgrade the Mining Farm is only related to the NT output when staking.

NT can be produced by staking in the Rookie Pool with single-token staking or in the Master Pool with double-token staking. Of course, the more tokens you stake, the more NT and experience you will earn, and the quicker you can level up your Mining Farm.

Meanwhile, using props such as the Installation Speed-up card and Installation Exp-card can also accelerate the level upgrading of the Mining Farm!

How to unlock more Mining Machines?

Each new player will get 1 free Mining Machine when they first enter the game, and the remaining 5 Machines need to be unlocked by upgrading the level of Mining Farm.

One new Machine can be unlocked when the level of Mining Farm is increased by 1 level, and all 6 Machines will be unlocked when reaching level 6.

Usage of Gold, Computing Power, and Electricity

1.Gold is one of the most important resources in the game, which can be used to upgrade and repair Mining Machines. When upgrading the level of each component of the Mining Machine, the gold output can be increased. In addition, you can use the Gold Card to get the Gold immediately.

2.Computing power is a very important data in the game, which could be increased by upgrading the level of each part of the Mining Machine. With high Computing Power, the advanced mining pools could be unlocked. In the future, when the game gradually launches new mining pools and features, Computer Power will also be the core threshold,

So, we recommend that players improve their Computing Power as soon as possible so that they can participate in new gameplays to get higher revenue.

3.Electricity costs mean the gold consumed by the Mining Machines per hour, which will be increased when upgrading each component of the Machine. It can be reduced by using the Electricity Card.

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