1. Overview

NEXTYPE is an integrated blockchain game distribution platform committed to creating high-quality blockchain games and bringing players a comfortable experience of Play2Earn. We will develop more accessible and efficient asset exchange protocols and tools for blockchain games to allow users to enter the blockchain game world easily. In the meantime, we will provide infrastructures and ecological support for developers in multi-dimensions, development, operation, distribution, etc., to help them create excellent games. As a blockchain game distribution platform, NEXTYPE provides initial token offering services for different blockchain game projects in the form of GameFi, which we call IGO. This is the core highlight of NEXTYPE's business and also an important application scenario for our ecological token.

As the blockchain world enters the third generation, hot spots such as DeFi and NFT are getting popular, and blockchain users keep pouring in. They are looking for a more interesting scenario where value appreciation can be achieved more efficiently and securely. Although innovation is the unified starting point of each project, seeking a more detailed and precise area has become challenging.

This has also prompted us to formally launch NEXTYPE based on a long period of in-depth exploration of games and blockchain to bring a new game ecology with more innovation, more sustainability, and expansion to the blockchain world.

As you all know, the blockchain game is not a newly-developing area. It has been four years since the phenomenal application CryptoKitties arose in Ethereum in 2017 as the start, and Axie Infinity was introduced in 2018. However, it was not until the beginning of 2021 that they entered the vision of blockchain enthusiasts more widely. The blockchain games industry, which is still in the early stage, will enter a high-speed development stage in the next few years. Along with the launch of various types of blockchain games, players' needs for information collection and capture, learning and participation, game asset management, etc., will continue to emerge. At this stage, the value of comprehensive services provided by NEXTYPE ecology for blockchain game players will be significantly reflected.

With the continuous implementation of various products under the concept of Metaverse, more users from the non-crypto world will gradually migrate to this new world, and for these new immigrant users, how to participate more efficiently and in a more visual way will become a significant demand. NEXTYPE's various infrastructures will be a solid bridge to effectively help users achieve identity conversion and asset migration from the real world to the crypto world.

The Gameverse belonging to NEXTYPE is gradually opening up in Metaverse.

1.1 Positioning of NEXTYPE

The world’s leading integrated blockchain game distribution platform.

1.2 Core of NEXTYPE

NEXTYPE focuses on three things:

1) Infrastructures development of blockchain game distribution platform

2) Distribution and operation of high-quality blockchain games

3) Incubation of native GameFi and NFTFi products

1.3 Vision of NEXTYPE

Inspiring the infinite possibilities of blockchain games

1.4 Mission of NEXTYPE

Serving global blockchain game players

2. The Purpose of the Whitepaper

This whitepaper aims to introduce the overall planning and goal of the NEXTYPE. This paper provides a relatively comprehensive and systematic introduction of NEXTYPE by combining blockchain and games to create a fascinating blockchain game ecosystem and proposing the design of the architecture for underlying asset and platform systems based on multiple types of blockchain games.

2.1 Target Users

Blockchain investment institutions, blockchain practitioners, game industry practitioners, blockchain game players, cryptocurrency investors, blockchain industry research scholars.

3. Development Goals

3.1 R&D Management Mechanism

3.1.1 Establishing the standard specification of GameFi products

By combining the experience based on the traditional game industry with the characteristics of the blockchain industry, we have established a standard project specification of GameFi product, aiming at 4 aspects, including market demand, core gameplay, art style, and economic model.

3.1.2 Establishing the standard process of GameFi products R&D

Centered on the game producer, establish the standard process of GameFi products based on engine development, server development, smart contract development, etc. NEXTYPE's engineers have experience in Unity3D, Cocos, and other mainstream game engines and can quickly realize the performance development of clients. NEXTYPE's server engineers have experience in Erlang, Golang, Java, and other mainstream back-end languages. They have gathered many sets of server frameworks and architecture systems over a long time, allowing them to quickly develop mainstream game types such as turn-based games, MMORPGs, Card IDLE games, and Simulation games. NEXTYPE's smart contract engineers are familiar with smart contracts programming for all kinds of DeFi and continue to develop smart contracts for GameFi on their own. The game producer will coordinate all technical teams to achieve the goal of speedy development based on a process-oriented work mechanism, which decreases 30%-50% of the game’s technical development period compared to traditional games of the same scale.

3.1.3 Establishing the standard distribution mechanism of GameFi products

In the traditional game field, the publisher plays a vital role. When a high-quality game product is not chosen by the appropriate publisher, it will also affect the commercial performance. NEXTYPE's publishing team has more than 10 years of experience in traditional game publishing. We will use this experience combined with the market and operation characteristics of the blockchain field to establish a standard distribution mechanism for GameFi products, including community components and operations, in-depth cooperation with game guilds, and a sustainable marketing strategy. We aim to achieve the best distribution for each game with low cost and high effect.

3.2 Business Cooperation Mechanism

3.2.1 Standardized game co-development mechanism

Based on the standardized game development process established and successfully implemented internally, we will conduct in-depth R&D cooperation with senior game developers/studios to promote the GameFi products development rapidly. NEXTYPE will establish partnerships with over 300 game developers worldwide, quickly develop game products according to market demand, and share game revenues through distribution and operation.

3.2.2 Standardized game co-distribution mechanism

GameFi products that are not developed or co-developed by NEXTYPE can be licensed to co-distribute and operate through cooperation with NEXTYPE based on the ecology and users to maximize commercial value and generate revenue quickly. In this process, the co-distributed games will be linked to NEXTYPE platform token NT in terms of the economic model. While helping the game to gather potential users quickly, it will bring more empowerment to the platform token NT.

4. Technology Components

4.1 Token Smart Contracts

NEXTYPE's platform token NT and the Tokens within each game will be issued using the standard ERC20 protocol (when the game is based on the public chain underlying the EVM) or the standardized token protocol of the public chain on which the game is deployed.

4.2 Gameplay System Smart Contract

When the performance of the public chain on which NEXTYPE’s games are deployed supports large-scale concurrent on-chain calls, part of the gameplay system will be programmed into the smart contracts and open source. Users can understand this part of the game system by viewing the contract code to realize the openness and transparency of the gameplay.

4.3 Gameplay System Features

Given the current performance of most public chains that cannot realize the real-time calculation of complex gameplay through contracts, the function of complex gameplay of big games will be processed by the centralized code of traditional games. The purpose is to achieve the consistency and stability of game performance and ensure the players have the similar experience to traditional games.

4.4 NFT Minting Protocol

NEXTYPE will provide a minting protocol for NFTs between different games, allowing players to mint NFT from game A to NFT from game B so that their assets can be continued and start a new game experience at a lower cost. The NFT minting feature will be deployed in NFT Master.

4.5 NFT Trading Protocol

NFT Master, a decentralized NFTFi protocol product, will contain the most basic NFT trading features, and the trading will be completed in decentralized ways.

4.6 NFT Auction Protocol

The NFT auction protocol will be deployed in NFT Master, allowing players to conduct public auctions for some specific rare NFTs autonomously, and the auction process is completed in decentralized ways.

4.7 NFT Lending Protocol

NFT lending protocol is deployed in NFT Master, allowing players to lend their NFTs independently. After paying a certain amount of rent and deposit, other players can choose the assets on rental and return the items at the end of the rental term. The whole process is completed in decentralized ways. The lending function can effectively enhance the liquidity of in-game NFTs and bring players long-lasting and long-tail revenue.

4.8 NFT Cross-chain Protocol

NFT cross-chain protocol will be deployed in the NSwap, allowing players to cross-chain NFTs that NEXTYPE officially supports and will support multiple EVM underlying public chains in the future. In addition, after its next version update, players will be allowed to add NFT cross-chain liquidity for liquidity gains.

4.9 GameFi Products Standardized SDK

NEXTYPE will develop a standardized GameFi product SDK to facilitate traditional game Content Providers to quickly bridge traditional game back-end systems with the on-chain environment and implement integrated Web3 component functions, which can effectively improve GameFi product development efficiency.

5. Products Layout

5.1 Platform Infrastructures and Products Development

5.1.1 MiningTycoon

MiningTycoon is the first game of NEXTYPE. Its core position is the engine of the NEXTYPE economic system, which is responsible for the generation of NT tokens on the NEXTYPE platform. Based on this, MiningTycoon has a variety of composite gameplay, allowing users to participate and achieve P2E easily. In the game, players can participate in NT mining by staking NT, LP Token, and NFT. In addition, the prize pool of BTC and other mainstream tokens effectively enhances the expandability of the game. In the next upcoming V2 release, IGO launched by NEXTYPE will also be carried out in MiningTycoon, as well as various game expansion packs will also be online.

5.1.2 NFT Master

NFT Master is the NFT asset aggregator of NEXTYPE ecology. It contains not only regular market trading functions but also other functions such as auction, minting, synthesis, and lending, which significantly enhance the liquidity of NFT assets. In NFT Master, players could gain multi-revenue by holding NFTs.

5.1.3 NDex

NDex is the decentralized trading infrastructure of NEXTYPE ecology, providing users with fast trading services of various game tokens of NEXTYPE ecology with high liquidity and security. Users can realize the efficient circulation of tokens through NDex to gain long-term benefits within NEXTYPE ecology.

5.1.4 NSwap

NSwap is a cross-chain infrastructure in NEXTYPE ecology, providing users with cross-chain services for FT and NFT assets in various games. It allows users to quickly, securely, and easily complete cross-chaining of game assets to add cross-chain liquidity to capture liquidity value.

5.1.5 NT GameBox

NT GameBox is an integrated platform for blockchain games launched by NEXTYPE, which will gather all types of blockchain games, on which players can quickly find the fun games they want, and achieve convenient and fast access for players. Each of the above infrastructure products will be accessed within NT GameBox, making it easy for users to manage and exchange their assets. It also contains the functions of the market, information, strategies, and other modules. It allows users to understand and participate in blockchain games through one product quickly. In addition, players can also participate in the operation with DAO, such as voting on new games, accompanying game development, etc., to jointly build NEXTYPE's blockchain game universe - NEXTVERSE.

5.2 GameFi Incubator

NEXTYPE will join hands with top institutions in the crypto industry to establish the world's leading GameFi Incubator and set up an Incubation Fund to help teams committed to deep exploration in blockchain games, NFTFi, Metaverse, effectively improving and other crypto fields to grow fast and support their products to gain market share.

The Incubator will provide comprehensive services for the incubated teams in terms of capital, technology, resources, user flow, and listing respectively, and the outstanding products will be directly distributed through NEXTYPE.

The incubator will regularly launch GameFi fields hackathon, inviting global blockchain game developers to submit their projects, and famous blockchain game producers, top venture capital experts, senior blockchain game media, and notable directors of top Exchanges to participate in the evaluation, providing Grant to outstanding winning projects while inviting them to the incubator for diversified incubation support.

6. Strategies of Operation

6.1 Wallets Cooperation

Wallet products are the most important user-flow acquisition entrance in crypto. For the side of the wallets, the current users’ demands are not only for safe assets management. Since DeFi has entered the mainstream blockchain application industry, the selection and introduction of quality projects have become an important part of wallet products to attract users, and the cooperation with wallet products has undoubtedly become a very important part of NEXTYPE's operation. Based on this, NEXTYPE will cooperate with global mainstream digital asset wallets regarding user flow, branding, game value, etc. We will carry out in-depth cooperation to achieve a win-win situation for all parties.

6.2 Projects Cooperation

DeFi has become the decentralized application with the closest relationship with users among blockchain products, gaining a large number of users. Dex, decentralized lending, and liquidity mining will be closely linked to the GameFi product. By partnering with the DeFi project. NEXTYPE will effectively increase the liquidity value of users' assets and continue to attract new users.

In addition, we can customize mild game products for teams or platforms with market or community resources. So as to empower projects in terms of technology access and brand implantation, or help more projects or companies layout blockchain games through co-branding NFT, etc.

6.3 IGO

IGO is a game-based initial token offering channel proposed by NEXTYPE, which innovatively aims at blockchain startups. IGO provides the initial tokens of cooperative projects to all community users holding NT. A special IGO mining pool will be launched in MiningTycoon so that NT holders can get the initial token share of the cooperation project in a low-cost way to make a cost-controlled and practical investment and have the opportunity to participate in more diversified joint campaigns. Through IGO, the value of NT can be enhanced even more. It can effectively maintain the user relationship, increase the community’s activity, and bring precise users to new games.

6.3 DAO

DAO is an important entrance for NEXTYPE users to participate in the management of platform operation, game development, and product upgrade. Users holding NT will fairly participate in the governance. Through DAO, users can truly participate in the construction of the ecology, allowing the whole platform to be developed in the way users prefer.

7. Economic System

7.1 NEXTYPE Platform Token: NT

NT is a native ERC-20 token based on HECO and BSC, issued by NEXTYPE Finance, which will be used as incentives, management, project development, and game payment around NEXTYPE ecology. As the investors, liquidity providers, and NEXTYPE players, NT will allow them to enter all kinds of application scenarios.

7.2 Token Distribution Plan

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 NT

7.2.1 ​​Foundation Pre-lockout

100,000,000 NT will be securely locked in a lockout protocol that public audit enabled with a one-year lockout period. After one year, 4% will be released each month. Those tokens will be mainly used to support the sustainable development of NEXTYPE ecology.

7.2.2 ​​Team Incentives

50,000,000 NT will be securely locked in a lockout protocol that public audit enabled. After the initial lockout, 4% will be released each month.

7.2.3 Investors

130,000,000 NT is for the investments of valid investors. The shares of institutional investors participating in the private offering have a lock-up mechanism, releasing 25% at TGE and 15% per month for the next 5 months. The shares of individual investors participating in the public offering do not have a lock-up.

7.2.4 ​​Game Pre-order

15,000,000 NT will be used to reward users who reserved and purchased MiningnTycoon gift packs.

7.2.5 ​​Community Operation and Airdrops

5,000,000 NT will be used to support all kinds of community operations and airdrops.

7.2.6 ​​Mining Rewards

700,000,000 NT. It will be rewarded through MiningTycoon at the first stage and through collaborating games at the second stage. The released volume in the first year is 20% of the total volume, which is 140,000,000 NT. Afterward, the rewarding volume specifications will be voted by NT owners.

7.2.7 NT Metrics

7.3 Application Scenarios of NT

7.3.1 Stake

As previously mentioned, the NT holder can gain extra revenues in all kinds of games released or supported by NEXTYPE through staking.

7.3.2 Liquidity

NT holders can use NT to add liquidity in DEXs to gain continuous revenues from the liquidity supply.

7.3.3 In-game Payment

NT can be used to pay for game props released by NEXTYPE.

7.3.4 NFT Purchase

NT can purchase various types of NFT in NFT Master, including NFT sold by the platform, NFT trading between users, NFT auctions, NFT Mystery Boxes opening, etc.

7.3.5 NFT Minting, Synthesis, and Lending

In NFT Master, NT holders can mint NFT and synthesize NFT according to specific rules, and NFT lending is also charged by NT, allowing users to gain the long-tail revenue from these features.

7.3.6 Governance

NT holders could stake their tokens to specific products to obtain the right to vote. Usually, this mechanism will involve limited-time staking. Detailed content will be confirmed when the governance is started.

7.3.7 IGO

NT holders can participate in IGO launched by NEXTYPE, which includes IGO campaigns related to the tokens of the co-sponsored projects or the games issued by NEXTYPE. NT users can obtain initially offered tokens of quality projects at a lower price through IGO and receive predictable revenue.

7.3.8 Burning

NXTYPE will implement a limited burning mechanism. In the future, 15% of each week’s profit generated by MiningTycoon and other collaborating games will be used to buy NT back from the secondary market. The upper burning limit is 20% of the NT total supply.

7.3.9 Reserve

Reserved tokens will be distributed into future development, supporting the community, marketing, paying the exchange fees, and maintaining long-term liquidity.

7.4 Independent Game Tokens

Some of the big blockchain games released by NEXTYPE will have separate economic systems, most of which will be double-token economic systems containing game governance tokens and game function tokens, respectively. All games released by NEXTYPE will support the use of NT to complete NFT trading in NFT Master and other NFT asset-based actions, while the liquidity of each game token/NT will have additional revenue in NDex. By creating an independent economic ecology of each game, the independence of game operation will be maintained, and long-term value support for NT around NEXTYPE ecology will be continuously provided.

8. Roadmap

8.1 Stage 1: Preparation 2021 Q2-2021 Q4

8.1.1 NEXTYPE ecological planning: Analyzed the plan of the NEXTYPE project.

8.1.2 Development of the initial product: Completed the development of MiningTycoon.

8.1.3 Initial private financing: Completed the first round of private institutional financing.

8.1.4 Initial whitepaper: Released NEXTYPE's development plan and goals for 2021.

8.1.5 Early Eco-Operation: Built the NEXTYPE global community and launched operational campaigns.

8.1.6 MiningTycoon officially launched: The game producing NEXTYPE platform tokens was officially online.

8.1.7 NT Gamebox launched: The game box entered the public beta stage.

8.1.8 NFT Master officially launched: NFTFi product of NEXTYPE ecology was officially online.

8.1.9 The HECO & BSC double-chain operation started.

8.1.10 REBORN officially launched: The world's first drama-type blockchain game was officially online.

8.1.11 NT listed on mainstream Exchanges: NT was listed on the world's leading Exchanges.

8.2 Stage 2: Start-up 2022 Q1-Q2

8.2.1 GameFi Incubator will be established and release the first hackathon activity.

8.2.2 The NFT exchange protocol NVEP and NFT cross-chain protocol NCCP will be completed and NSwap product 1.0 will be launched.

8.2.3 MiningTycoon V2 and the first expansion pack will be launched.

8.2.4 NDex 1.0 will be launched. The liquidity mining of the pair of tokens in the first independently issued game / NT will get started.

8.2.5 DAO community management will be opened. The first ACG game development will get started.

8.2.6 The first IGO project will get started.

8.2.7 A number of major GameFi games will be launched, initially forming NEXTYPE's game distribution matrix.

8.2.8 NT and independent game tokens will be continued to be listed on several Exchanges.

8.3 Stage 3: Expedition 2022 Q3-Q4

8.3.1 MiningTycoon expansion pack continues to be launched

8.3.2 The functions of NFT Master minting, synthesis, and lending are coming online.

8.3.3 NDex 2.0 and multiple liquidity pairs will be released. One-click purchase channel will be accessible.

8.3.4 NSwap 2.0 will be launched. The multi-chain crossing function of multi-FT&NFT will be online.

8.3.5 NT GameBox market information will be accessible, community forum and asset management tools will be online. NT GameBox PC version will be released.

8.3.6 Continuously promote GameFi game distributions and IGO campaigns.

8.4 Stage 4: Overlook 2023

8.4.1 Through continuous promotion, the GameFi incubator will attract global developers to move in and launch powerful blockchain games to comprehensively improve the quantity and quality of games under the NEXTYPE ecology.

8.4.2 Through the continuous upgrade and optimization of the platform infrastructure products, quick access to blockchain games for non-crypto users will be realized to fulfill the mission of serving global game players.

8.4.3 Realize the reform and upgrade from NT GameBox to NEXTVERSE, and strive for innovative breakthroughs in various aspects, including 3D visual effects, interaction methods such as AR\VR, and deeply immersive experience of contents to create a game universe belonging to NEXTYPE.

9. Ecological Blueprint

10. Conclusion

NEXTYPE expects to provide a comprehensive and systematic ecology for the future development of the blockchain game industry and gradually realize this concept through the joint promotion of several aspects, including industrialized technology research and development, exemplary and specialized distribution and operation, and resource interconnection and integration.

NEXTYPE expects to fully grasp the characteristics of blockchain technology and the crypto industry, on the basis of fully embracing web3, to provide more ways to allow traditional games to reform to Metaverse games and be willing to keep exploring.

NEXTYPE expects that GameFi will be only a characteristic of blockchain games but not players’ ultimate goal. We still hope to bring more blockchain games with more gameplay and playability. Financial attributes are how blockchain games can widen the gap with traditional games at the level of value transmission. We believe that in the future, when games can fully embrace blockchain, NEXTYPE will be leading in the industry and will guide the industry to the next stage.

Currently, Metaverse is the most popular area in the Internet field. As game practitioners, we clearly know that games will be the easiest and most important part for humans to participate in the Metaverse when it truly comes. And at this moment, what NEXTYPE needs to do is lay a solid foundation of infrastructure, cultivate teamwork and standardized workflow before the arrival of Metaverse, and build a game universe belonging to all blockchain game players NEXTVerse. So, let’s meet the coming era of Metaverse!

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