📑NEXTYPE IDO Announcement on the BSC with DODO

Hello NEXTYPE Community,

Today we are delighted to announce NEXTYPE(NT) IDO on the BSC with DODO Crowdpooling.

NEXTYPE is the world's leading blockchain game-integrated distribution platform, focusing on self-dev. native GameFi products, traditional games remake under blockchain, NFT commercialization empowerment of top IPs, providing players with top blockchain game experience and dedicated to building a next-generation Gameverse in the coming Metaverse.

NT is the unique Utility Token in the NEXTYPE ecosystem released by NEXTYPE Finance. It will be used for game in-charge, NFT mint, NFT purchase, incentives, governance, development, and burning within the NEXTYPE ecosystem.

Learn more about NEXTYPE and NT here: https://nextype.finance/

After the IDO starts, all the whitelist participants could get NT with the IDO price. Scroll down and learn how to participate.

Key Information

IDO Price: 30% Discount of the Average price on MDEX of 7 days before IDO (The specific price will be announced on November 5th at 12 AM UTC)

IDO Token Allocation: 10,000,000 NT

Individual Hard Cap: 2,500 NT

Whitelist Slots: 10,000 (6,000 comes from the SafePal WHO campaign, and the other 4,000 will be selected by the following IDO whitelist tasks)

How to participate

Step 1 Become a Whitelist user

The whitelisting lasts for 3 days, beginning at 4:00 AM UTC on November 1, 2021, and ending at 4:00 AM UTC on November 4, 2021.

There are 10,000 whitelist slots, 6,000 out of which will be selected randomly from the whitelist users of the SafePal WHO Campaign (Learn more details about SafePal WHO Campaign here: https://nextype.medium.com/nextype-x-safepal-who-announcement-4f0876a6e250),

and other 4,000 will be selected randomly from the following IDO whitelist tasks: https://gleam.io/competitions/GWkxb-nextype-ido-on-dodo

1. Follow and Retweet (20 Entries)

● Step 1: Follow NEXTYPE on Twitter

● Step 2: Retweet the official announcement of IDO

● Step 3: Input your Twitter username in the Gleam Form

2. Join Telegram Group and Follow Telegram Channel (30 Entries)

● Step 1: Join NEXTYPE Telegram Group

● Step 2: Follow NEXTYPE Telegram Channel

● Step 3: Input your Telegram Handle in the Gleam Form

3. Visit Docs to learn more about NEXTYPE (10 Entries): https://docs.nextype.finance/

4. Submit a review about NEXTYPE (20 Entries)

● Step 1: Make a review about NEXTYPE on social media, crypto-related websites, or blogs

● Step 2: Submit your review in the Gleam Form

5. Refer your friends to participate in the Whitelist (20 Entries)

● Step 1: Get your referral link in the Gleam Form

● Step 2: Share your referral link with your friends

● Step 3: Once your friends click your link and complete at least 1 other task, you will get 20 Entries

6. Leave your BSC address (1 Entry)

7. Verify your whitelist qualification

● 4,000 users will be selected randomly from the participants who get more than 80 Entries to be listed in the whitelist, and the other 6,000 whitelist users will be from the SafePal WHO Campaign

● The final whitelist will be announced at 12 PM UTC on November 4th. Please stay tuned for the announcements on our Twitter and Telegram group.

Step 2 Take part in the IDO

Once you are verified as a whitelisted user, please wait for the final IDO announcement, which will include the IDO price and Crowdpooling link. Then Get prepared and take part in when the IDO starts at 6 AM UTC on November 5th.

Tutorial about how to join a Crowdpooling Campaign: https://dodoexhelp.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/900005558283-How-to-join-a-Crowdpooling-Event-

IDO Timeline (UTC)

Whitelist Tasks Start: 4:00 AM on November 1st

Whitelist Tasks Ends: 4:00 AM on November 4th

Final Whitelist Announce: 12:00 PM on November 4th

IDO Starts: 6:00 AM on November 5th

IDO Ends: 2:00 PM on November 5th

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