NFT Arena is a turn-based NFT match-battle game launched by NEXTYPE.

Players with NEXTYPE ecological NFT can get the opportunity to play NFTFi in NFT Arena, while players can synthesize more high-levelrare NFTs in NFT Master thus getting NFT empowerment .The higher level of NFT can help players to win in NFT Arena to get more rewards in the season.

Currently, NFT Arena is open to players for matches such as the Credit Match and Tour Match. More potential matches, various gameplays and fun features are coming soon....

NFT description in NFT Arena:

  1. HP will be randomly generated based on players’NFTs and probability.

  2. Players must start the battle with at least 1 NFT. Each NFT has a daily usage limit.

  3. The system refreshes EP at 9 AM UTC everyday. Players can also check the remaining EP of NFTs transferred from other players in the "Lineup".

  4. If the player unmatches in the Tour Match, the system will not deduct EP of NFTs.

  5. When the NFT in the battle is transferred, it will be removed automatically in NFT Arena.

Stamina Introduction:

  1. The Stamina will be reset to 20 if it is under 20 at 9 AM UTC every day.

  2. The Stamina purchased by players can only be used in the Current Season, and it will be reset when the season is restarted.

  3. NT Deposit: Players can deposit NT to their game and claim them at any time.

  4. Stamina Purchase: Players can purchase stamina with the Deposited NT. The final price of Stamina will be decided by DAO.

  5. Each game in Credit Match consumes 10 stamina. The tour will be played over 5 consecutive matches, each battle consuming 5 stamina, which will be automatically deducted when players click the "BATTLE" button on the preparation page.

BUFF Introduction:

  1. BUFF represents the in-game benefits that players can use. Currently, there are four BUFFs: Critical Attack, Double Attack, Dodge, and Extra HP.

  2. In the Battle Readiness Page, the system will randomly refresh Dodge Rate, and generate one of the other BUFFs.The player needs to pay 1 Stamina to obtain other BUFFs if the system does not generate those BUFFs.

Critical Attack: The rate of attacking the rival to deduct 2 Rival‘s HP in the battle;

Double Attack: The rate of attacking the rival 2 times continuously, with each attack deducting 1 Rival’s HP in the battle;

Dodge Rate: The rate of dodging the rival's attack without deducting HP.

Extra HP: The value of the increase of the Squad's HP in the battle.

DODGE Introduction:

  1. DODGE is one of the important attributes in the game, representing the rate of the player dodging the rival's attack.

  2. The system will automatically refresh the Dodge before the battle, and players can also pay 1 Stamina to refresh it manually.

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