Joint Airdrop Plan with TokenPocket

Airdrop Rewards: $2,000 worth of NT and $4,000 worth of in-game props.

Date: Jan 24-Jan 27

Distribution: Jan 28


1. Follow NEXTYPE and TokenPocket on Twitter

2. Join TG groups of NEXTYPE and TokenPocket

3. Leave your Referral Code in MiningTycoon V2

*Enter the game and click on the Avatar in the upper left corner to get your Referral Code.

4. Visit the official websites of MiningTycoon and TokenPocket

5. Download the TokenPocket Wallet APP (

6. Leave your HECO address in TokenPocket Wallet


1. 200 lucky players will be selected to win $10 worth of NT each

2. 100 other lucky players will be chosen to win 1 Weekly Revenue Card worth $40 each

*Weekly Revenue Card increases NT output in all Rookie and Master Mining Pools by 20% for 1 week

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