Live Longer to reach age 240 Campaign

Date: Jan 31 - Feb 6


1. During the event, players who reach age 220 or age 240 will be rewarded with high prizes.

2. Using Life Node Card NFT to reach age 220 or age 240 won’t be counted as valid.

3. The rewards will be distributed within a week.


Reaching age 240: NFT of REBORN - Genius VI (Initial extra attributes +6)*1 + Equally share 40,000 NT.

Reaching age 220: NFT of REBORN - Physically strong V (PHY+5)*2 + Equally share 20,000 NT.

Extra Bonus:

100 players who played in REBORN more than 8 times during the event will be selected randomly, and each will win NFT of REBORN - Inner intelligence III (INT+3)*2 + 200 NT

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