⭐️How to Transfer NT Token between BNB Chain and HECO Chain on Multichain

The NT Token cross-chain will be technically supported by Multichain, which currently supports NT Token on HECO and BNB Chain to cross-chain at the ratio of 1:1.

1. Visit Multichan: https://app.multichain.org/#/router

2. Click [Connect to a wallet], and choose HECO or BNB Chain to connect your wallet.

3. Choose NT Token or manually search NT in the [From] column, then select the mainnet you want to cross-chain from (HECO or BNB) and enter the amount of NTs.

Please reconfirm the amount of NTs in the [To] column below and the mainnet you want to cross-chain to (BNB or HECO).

4. Click [Approve NT], then click [Confirm].

5. Click [Swap] to finish the NT cross-chain transfer.

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