📢Announcement: NT Output Stop in MiningTycoon V1

Dear NEXTYPE Community,

Since TGE in July 2021, Mining Tycoon V1 has been launched with us for more than 8 months. Thanks to all the NEXTYPE players for their support and dedication to Mining Tycoon V1! With the launch of MiningTycoon V2 in January 2022, more and more players have transited from V1 to V2. To provide our players with a better gameplay experience and maximize the output in our game, we decided that V1 will soon cease operations and stop all the NT output from the V1 Mining Pools. Players will be able to continue to play and earn NT in V2.

Please read the following carefully to ensure that players maximize their NT revenue.

Cease Operation Time

V1 on HECO and BNB Chain will both cease the server operations at the end of the season on 14 March at 4 AM UTC


1. After MiningTycoon V1 ceases operations, all mining pools will stop the output. However, players can still redeem all staked Tokens in MiningTycoon V1.

2. After MiningTycoon V1 ceases operations, all the game props and the data of KEYS in players' addresses will be migrated to V2 simultaneously, and players can check it in [Storage] in V2.

3. The NT-L1/NT-L2/NT-L3 from MiningTycoon V1 will not automatically migrate to V2. Instead, players must manually withdraw the NT-L in V1 to their wallets, then choose [ME] in V2 to deposit NT-L.

Thanks to all the community players for your continued support of NEXTYPE. We will continue to focus on the distribution of blockchain games and developing the infrastructures to bring more high-quality gaming experiences to all of you!


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