🔥User Guide of Miner's Miracle Series NFT

To celebrate the 8th anniversary of Huobi, Huobi Wallet and NEXTYPE have launched the "Miner's Miracle" series of NFT Mystery Boxes with a total worth of $55,000. The mystery boxes contain the Doomsday Wasteland series NFT, Cyberpunk series NFT and limited edition specially designed for this event, all of which can be used in MiningTycoon to obtain the relevant revenue attributes.

All NFTs for the event will be airdropped to the winner's HECO address by December 10.

Use the four NFTs, [Huobi Koujo], [Huobi 8th Anniversary Co-branded with Huobi Wallet in Limited Edition], [Miner's Glory], [Demeter& NEXTYPE], at the same time in the NFT Energy Center of MiningTycoon to get an extra 5% NT gain in Primary Master Pool!

How can I view the NFT won in the event?

1. Copy this link https://btcmining.game and open it in Huobi wallet. Read and check the Terms of Service below and click to enter the game.

2. Click [Storage] after finishing the Game Tutorial.

3. Select [NFT] and view the NFT you owned.

How to Use the NFT in MiningTycoon?

1. Click [NFT] and enter the NFT Energy Center.

2. Click [Click to Insert NFT] and select the NFT you want to use, then click [Use].

How to Trade NFTs?

The NFT you won in Mystery Boxes can be traded freely on the NFT Master.

How to Transfer NFT to Other Player?

1. Open Huobi wallet then click [Wallet], click [+] to enter the Token Management page.

2. In the Token Management page, enter and add the contract address of NFT.

3. Return to the Wallet page, where the NFT you just added will be displayed. Select the NFT you need to transfer.

4. Click [Send] and enter the amount and the correct address. Pay a small amount of HT as gas fee. Confirm the information and click [Confirm] to transfer.

NFT Description

All NFTs for the event will be distributed to the winner's HECO address by December 10. Winners can add the NFT's contract address to Huobi wallet in advance for confirmation. Or confirm and use NFTs in MiningTycoon after receiving them.

The following are the contract addresses for all NFTs of the event.

1. Huobi KOUJYO

Contract Address: 0x360A1cE539135E90C3f40cE64D30D577896E896f

2. Huobi's 8th Anniversary

Contract Address: 0x6E78F9311F087e9Af5692B4C5c423a13BC6a7DDe

3. Mr. Leadwire

Contract address: 0x6a97a969dbfd53332de429885601adae3ff4a36b

4. Silencer

Contract address: 0xe71426FE1b40ee1C76F89a9600dcFF3D5473f4A9

5. Rhythm Brothers

Contract address: 0xE76b570844b79AFA7f5c369444Ee5BA32f63Ef2A

6. Nuclear Machine

Contract address: 0xD9A67b4Ab1f7cDBF09a55335bbF70583465762De

Instruction of NFT Benefits in Game

1. Permanent Benefits will take effect as long as the player inserts the NFT into the slots. Once the player takes out or loses the NFT due to trading and other reasons, the benefits will be suspended.

2. Limited Time Benefits are extremely powerful. When players need to gain higher revenue, it will play an inestimable role. This kind of NFT has a limit of times (such as once a day). When the Limited Time Benefits of an NFT is activated, the NFT immediately enters the CD (Cold-Down-Time), and the buff cannot be activated again until the CD is ended. For NFT in CD, even if it is traded to another player, its associated benefits cannot be activated either.

3. Players should note that the only one can be inserted into slots for the same NFT.

4. When players collect the specified number of NFTs in the same series, they will get extra powerful benefits.

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