Intermediate Guide

1. How to choose the initial talent reasonably for the initial opening to survive longer?

1. If there is a Talent Card that will reduce a certain attribute point but increase another talent attribute, please think carefully to choose, make sure all your initial talents have selected points.

2. Once you meet a Time Gear Talent Card, don't hesitate to choose it! So you can spend your time peacefully without being affected by unexpected events.

3. If you have other Talent Cards NFT which will add your attributes, such as +Physical, +Family, etc., please choose and add them when your life starts, so you will trigger good events and improve your survival rate more easily.

Note: Talent Card NFT can be purchased or be sold on NFT Master.

2. How to choose the right Talent Card NFT at the life nodes to survive longer?

You can add an extra Talent Card NFT each when you reach the age of 30/60/90. There are a total of 3 Talent Cards you can add until you reach age 90

Suggested talents: Time Gear, Talent Card NFT to increase attribute points.

Time Gear: This Talent Card NFT will allow you to quickly jump through time at the appropriate age, so you can reduce the incidence of accidents.

Talent Card NFT with increasing attribute points: If you are having a relatively smooth life, adding a Talent Card NFT which will add the extra attribute points will help you to reach a higher age.

If you are reaching a high age, adding the Talent Card NFT with extra attribute points may reduce the probability of an unexpected situation that ends your life early, also you can choose to end at the life node so that you can avoid accidentally ending and preserve the NT you can claim currently.

Note: Some talent cards NFT that increase initial game attribute points will not be triggered by adding them to the life node!

3. How to build Life Node Card NFT reasonably at the life node?

Recommended ages for generating NFT Life Nodes: Age 60, 90, 120+

Age 60: If you have added one Talent Card NFT at this age, then you can add one more Talent Card NFT when you reach age 90. This is the most potential to sprint to the high level of Life Node Card NFT.

Age 90: A Life Node Card NFT at age 90 has met the threshold for a rush to the top! There will be one more chance to add another Talent Card NFT at age 90. If you have added rare Talent Card NFT previously, then it contains more value now.

Age 120+: A Life Node Card NFT at this age is already capable of sprinting to the top of the leader board, but it is no longer possible to add a new Talent Card NFT. If you have added rare Talent Card NFT before reaching this age, you may have the opportunity to gain more NT from the prize pool!

Note: The higher the age, the higher the value of the Life Node Card NFT, and more NT you can claim from the prize pool!

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