How to stake SFP in MiningTycoon to earn NT?

1.Open your SafePal wallet first and choose the [DAPP] section, then click the Banner of the event or Game Icon in the [Hot] section to enter MiningTycoon.

2.Click [Pools] and select the [SFP] Pool

3.Click [Stake] and select the amount you can stake. Then click [Confirm] and the mining will start. (Any users on the whitelist could stake 300 SFP and it can be increased by completing additional tasks)


1) Why can not I stake SFP in MiningTycoon?

The SFP staking is only available for the users listed on the whitelist. You must satisfy the whitelist requirements first.

2) How to stake more SFP?

Any users on the whitelist could stake 300 SFP. If you want to stake more, you need to complete the Twitter or Telegram tasks in WHO Dapp in SafePal to increase your account level(http://XXXXX_the link of the WHO Dapp) :

You can stake 400 SFP by completing any one of these 2 tasks

You can stake 500 SFP by completing all of these 2 tasks

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