📑Strategy Guide of MiningTycoon

MiningTycoon is a blockchain game with the core gameplay of virtual mines operation. In the game, players can unlock the BTC Pool by upgrading mining machines and improving the computing power continuously. The most important thing for player is to continuously stake because it will not only generate yields, but also produce experience to improve mines level, which determines the upper limit of computing power.

In a word, the game is to continuously stake — gain experience and upgrade the mines — upgrade the mining machines to improve computing power — Unlock high-level mining pools — finally unlock BTC pool.

At present, the game is still in the open beta test period. There are three ways to play: single token staking pools, double token staking pools and BTC pool. In addition to stake for NT, you can also participate in BTC Pool to mine BTC. According to the revenue ranking and the price of NT on MEDX, the revenue you can get of the game every day is about 20–200 USDT. Of course, this is only the current price. You can imagine the value of NT, because the liquidity will be added after the open beta test.

Connect the Wallet to Access the Game

MiningTycoon is running on HECO. Therefore, you can use the browser with MetaMask installed or the wallets supporting HECO network to access the game.


How to access the game with MetaMask:


How to access the game with TokenPocket:


After entering the game, players can get Mining Machines for free, and unlock the NT/USDT single token stake pools at the same time. With the continuous improvement of mining level, the color and style of machines will also be upgraded and become more and more cool!

Stake to Upgrade

You can stake USDT or NT in Rookie Pools.

During the open beta test, the stake range of USDT is 1–1000. This is completely prepared for novice players. You can participate in with only 1USDT.

And stake range of NT is 100–5000 in primary pool, more you staked, more yields and experience you can get.

You can buy some props in game store to accelerate the improvement of level.

Medium and primary pools will be opened when players level reach 7 and 10 respectively, where you can gain more.

Upgrade Machines to Improve Computer Power

After entering the game, the free mining machines will start to work. The mining machines will produce gold coins and provide computing power, which is one of the core gameplays of the game.

Each machine has five core components: chip, network, power, software, and case. Upgrading components needs to consume a certain amount of gold coins. Component upgrade can improve the gold coin output and the computing power. When each component reaches the corresponding level, it can improve the machine’s level and change its appearance.

Players can buy Gold Cards directly in the store to quickly improve the machines level.

Gold coins: gold coins in the game are produced by mining machines, which can be used to upgrade and repair mining machines and pay mining electricity charges.

Computer power: each mining machine in the game can provide computer power, which is one of the key conditions to unlock the advanced mining pools.

Electricity charge: electricity charge refers to the electricity consumption of the mines every hour. The system will automatically deduct the corresponding gold coins to pay the mine electricity charge.

Miner failure: during the operation, the components of machines will gradually lose. When the loss reaches a certain degree, the machines will fail and will not produce gold coins. It can operate normally after maintenance.

Advanced Gameplay

Ø Double Token Stake in Master Pool

When the level reaches 10 / 13 / 16 and the computing power reaches 720K / 1.6m / 2.7m, the primary, medium and advanced pools in Master pool will be unlocked respectively. You can choose USDT+NT double token stake, and the revenue is higher than Rookie pools.

In addition to NT, Master Pool will also produce NT-L Mining License, which need to be redeemed by consuming keys before 23:59 (UTC+8) every day, otherwise it will be burnt automatically. Mining Licenses are essential props for participating in the BTC pool of King Pools.

Mining License: There are 3 types: NT-L1, NT-L2 and NT-L3, which are produced in different Master mining pools. The mining license produced on that day will be burned at 24:00 (UTC+8). Remember to collect them with key in time. All mining licenses can be freely traded.

Output of mining pools: Primary Pool (NT + NT-L1), Medium Pool (NT + NT-L2) and Premium Pool (NT + NT-L3) in Master pool. Each pool produces Mining License for 8 hours every day.

KEY: Props for collecting Mining License can be purchased directly in the store or obtained by participating in activities.

Ø BTC in King Pool

When players reach level 10 / 13 / 16, they will unlock the primary, medium and premium BTC pool in the King Pool respectively.

The BTC pool will be open for a limited time every day. Players need to stake NT-L Mining License in addition to the fixed amount of NT within the specified time. After the end of the stake, the player with the most staked Mining License in each pool will get 93.3% of the total BTC, and the player ranking 2–50 will share the remaining 6.7% BTC equally. Meanwhile, all Mining License staked by the rank first player will be destroyed, and that of all other players will be returned.

BTC source in the reward pool: 90% of the USDT spent by players buying KEYs the previous day will be swapped as HBTC, which will become the reward of the BTC Pool of the day. Therefore, the more players spend KEY to collect Mining License, the more BTC will be in the BTC prize pool.

Stake of mining license: The stake time of Mining License is from 8am to 8pm SGT, in which Mining License can be freely staked and redeemed.

BTC pool opens: When the progress of the Mining License staked in BTC pool reaches 100%, the pool will be opened at 8pm SGT on the same day, otherwise the pool will not be opened, and the BTC of the pool will be accumulated to the next day.

Game Props System

The game store has prepared many gaining props for players. With them player can greatly improve revenue and quickly grow up in the game, surpassing many ordinary players!

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt is a place that all players yearn for. Different blocks will be refreshed every day, which can produce a variety of high-value props. Players could mine the blocks to obtain props by consuming mining times. Of course, the premise is that players must buy KEYs to obtain the mining times.

Invitation Bonus

There is an invitation system in the game. Players can send the invitation code to friends. After friends enter the game, click fill in invitation code on the invite friends page, and he will become an intimate friend of players. After that, whenever the other party completes the tasks, the player can get rich rewards!

There is no upper limit on the number of invited intimate friends. The more tasks completed by intimate friends; the more rewards players can receive. Please encourage your intimate friends!

Rewards include [KEY], [Revenue Card], [Experience Card], [Gold Card] and other high-value props. Don’t miss them!

New Gameplay is Coming Soon

Ø NFT props

NFT props are definitely the most attractive way to play the MiningTycoon, which have strong revenue attributes and uniqueness, and can be obtained through airdrop, in-game mining and purchase. Each NFT prop will have different display effects, visual effects, and revenue attributes, which can make it valuable, and NFT props in the game can be freely traded, that is, you can also buy from other players. This feature will be launched in August, so let’s look forward to it!


MiningTycoon will also open a special IGO playing method. The third-party excellent projects will issue tokens for the first time in the game through cooperation with MiningTycoon. Players who participate in IGO mining can get tokens of the project for free. It is definitely a great thing for players.

This is all about the gameplay methods of MiningTycoon during the open beta test. In short, the current playing methods are relatively simple. After all, it is a placement and cultivation game, but the ecology of NEXTYPE is very huge. MiningTycoon is only a small part. Many games will be launched this year, including NFT Masters, Citycoon, NT GameBox, etc.

Stay tuned for that!

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