The toturial of NFT Arena

1. Switch to Testnet

How to switch to HECO Testnet

How to switch to BSC Testnet

2. Start the Game

Click the link to enter NFT Arena

Check to read the agreement then click [Connect Wallet to Enter]

Select 3 NFT Cards in [SQUAQ], check the box for different types of NFT, then [CONFIRM], click [PLAY], and pay 1 Strength Value to start the game.

You can see your PH and Dodge Rate on the page of [Pre-Battle Preparation]

PH: The total PH is equal to the sum of your NFT card levels.

Dodge Rate: The Dodge Rate will be refreshed at the battle start. Players also could cost 1 Strength Value to refresh Dodge Rate.

*NOTE: The refreshed Dodge Rate might be higher or lower than the current value.

The Battle page will display the total amount of PH and Dodge Rate of both sides, as well as the text introduction during the Battle.

If you win, your initial Points will +1

If you lose, your initial Points will -1 (The lowest point is 0)

1. Other Buttons’ introdution:[RECORD]、[RULES]、[POINTS]


Click [RECORD] to check your battles’ records.


Click [RULES] to read the Rules of NFT Afena, including the introduction of Bonus Event, Battle, NFT Card, Strength Value, Dodge Rate, etc.


Click [POINTS] to check the current Ranking List

Rules of Rewards: NT reward each player = Each player season point/ Total points of All Players’ in the season* Total Number of NT pool

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