How to get NT-L?

Players can get NT-L by staking in vNT Mining Pool. And the vNT Mining Pool will be output from 4 PM to 12 AM UTC, every day. The more vNT staked, the more NT-L output.

The uncollected NT-L will be burnt at 4 PM UTC on the same day. Please remember to collect it with KEY in time.

How to collect NT-L?

Collecting NT-L needs a KEY, which can be purchased in [Shop].

Click [Shop] and enter [USDT] Page, then select [Special Items].

After buying KEY, players can click [Collect] in [ME]-[Mining License]. Then players can pay 1-3 KEY to collect NT-L based on the amount of NT-L to collect.

How to purchase lottery tickets?

1. Click [POOLS] and [Lottery].

2. Buying lottery tickets needs NT-L. Select the number of lottery tickets to buy and click [BUY].

3. After the pop-up window appears, click [Confirm] to purchase successfully.

4. The lottery number will be shown after a successful purchase.

5. Click [Purchase Record] to check your lottery number.

How to check and claim your rewards?

1. Click [Purchase Record] to check all your purchased lottery tickets.

2. Check the winning status of each of your lottery tickets at the bottom of the page.

3. Click [Claim] to jump to the Lottery Ticket Revenue Page.

4. Click [Collect] and [Claim Wallet] to check the BTC in your wallet.

How to bind referrers and share the Referral Code?

1. Click [My Friends] and [Fill Referral Code], then enter the Referral Code from your friend and bind.

2. After successful binding, click [Send Referral Code] to share your Referral Code with other friends.

3. You can check the binding record in [My Referrer]-[My Friends] after your friends bind your Referral Code.

How to claim my Referral Commission?

1. When your referral friends win in the BTC Lottery Pool, you can claim the commission in the Lottery Ticket Revenue Page by clicking [Claim]-[My Friends].

2. Click [Collect] and [Claim to Wallet], then you can check the BTC in your wallet.

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