The beta test of NFT Arena

To provide a more immersive and brilliant gaming experience, we decide to extend the Beta Test of NFT Arena until June 22. During this period, we have optimized the game based on player's feedback:

  1. Stamina consumption increases to 10 stamina per battle

  2. The single price of Stamina is adjusted to 1NT

  3. New pop-up window for the Tutorials of the Credit Match and Tour Match

  4. New NFT purchase module

  5. New NT purchase entrance

  6. Optimized ranking rules

  7. Optimized recharge and claim record

  8. Adjusted BUFF value

In the next step, we will optimize the followings based on players's advice and feedback:

  1. Prize pool and prize pool Economic

  2. Information processing of NFT on the chain

  3. Information processing of assets transaction on the chain

  4. System response time

  5. Arcade Battle Mode: To save player 's battle time

  6. Reset Function: To reset the Stamina of the NFT

  7. Details Page: Detailed introduction of NFTs

  8. EP ( Energy Point): The number of uses of NFTs

  9. Third-party NFTs support

Thank your for your patience and support for NFT Arena.

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