The new series of synthetic NFT Mystery Box!

After the optimization, our new game, NFT Arena, is about to finish its development and is expected to launch the public test version on BNB Chain on June 13th.

NFT Arena game has been upgraded in the game interface and game experience. There will be two core gameplays, Point Race and Expedition Race, where players can use NFT issued by NEXTYPE to participate in various battles to win rich NT rewards.

Point Race: Players match to fight, and the winning player can get points. The higher the points, the more NT can be obtained.

Expedition Race: Players match to fight, and the winning player wins the other player's NT.

To promote the Public Test of NFT Arena, a new series of synthetic Arena NFT will be designed and issued. At the same time, some NFT on HECO chain will be available to cross-chain to BNB Chain before the test so that more players can earn NT in NFT Arena.

Synthetic Arena NFT

There are 5 kinds of synthetic Arena NFTs, which can be obtained by purchasing Mystery Boxes, Participating in NT lockups, NFT synthesis, and participating in other official campaigns.

The Synthetic Arena NFT Mystery Box sale will be divided into 3 rounds on BNB Chain, and the community voting will determine the unit price and sale amount in each round.

The usages of proceeds by selling these NFT Mystery Boxes:

1) 50% will be burnt directly

2) 25% will be distributed equally to Genesis NFT holders on BNB Chain.

3) 25% will be transferred into the Community Treasury(the community voting will be held periodically to determine how this portion of the NT will be used)


Community Voting: 6 AM UTC, June 3rd - 6 AM UTC, June 5th

NT Locking: 6 AM UTC, June 7th - 10 AM UTC, June 8th

NFT Distribution: 12 PM UTC, June 8th

Mystery Box Sale: 8 AM UTC, June 9th

NFT Trading: 8 AM UTC, June 10th

NFT Synthesis: 8 AM UTC, June 12th

*Sales on BNB Chain in NFT Maser:

Sales Plan

Surprise Event

1) Addresses with a total of purchasing 10 or more Mystery Boxes are eligible for the priority purchase of synthetic Arena NFT Mystery Box in the following rounds.

2) Addresses with Engineer NFT are eligible for the priority purchase of synthetic Arena NFT Mystery Box in the following rounds and in other designated Mystery Box sales.

NFT Description

1) LV-1 spanner NFT can be obtained by opening the Mystery Boxes or participating in the official campaigns.

2) There are two types of LV-2 NFT, shovel and pickaxe

*Shovel can be obtained by opening the mystery boxes or participating in the official campaigns.

*Pickaxe can be obtained by locking NT.

3) LV-3 worker NFT can be obtained by opening the mystery boxes.

4) LV-4 Engineer NFT must be obtained through synthesis. The synthesis formula is as follows:

Spanner NFT * 2 + Shovel NFT * 1 + Pickaxe NFT * 1 + Worker NFT * 1 = LV 4 Engineer NFT

*NFTs from this sale can stake in the designated NFT Mining Pool in Mining Tycoon V2.

*NFTs which are already staked in the NFT mining pools cannot be used in NFT Energy Center and NFT Arena.

Contract Address

Spanner NFT: 0xdE7E20E6592b55246d3e2213CfC54313418EF846

Shovel NFT: 0x69aF09F38D32A03F319e8EdAa3D555C99DFc7479

Pickaxe NFT: 0x195Aba4D5f464faD8BF15cDcAca254dF1C1F4cf5

Worker NFT: 0xa907C72e14C1D8E05d330B4Ea706645820d08d66

Engineer NFT: 0x7f80fbBD2C51dfdB67038D6E63B70ca3468cACcD

NSwap will support the following NFTs to be crossed chain

1) Mr. Leadwire, Miner's Glory, Silencer, Rhythm Brother, Nuclear Machine, Proton Machine, and Hanazawa Kana NFT, will be able to cross-chains before NFT Arena's public test.

2) The above NFTs are all available in NFT Arena.

3) Synthesis will be accessible for the above NFTs. Using the related NFTs can synthesize more advanced NFTs and get better empowerment. More details will be announced soon.

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