✨Access MiningTycoon Tutorial Using Your Browser

The game currently supports Heco mainnet access. Players who use the Ethernet mainnet wallet need to activate the HECO mainnet under the same address to access the game, the specific tutorial is as follows.

1.Login to your Metamask wallet and click on [Ethereum Mainnet].

2.Choose [Custom RPC].

3.Set the system parameters and configure the Heco network.

The information is as follows.

Network name: heco-mainnet


Mainland China: https://http-mainnet-node.huobichain.com

Other regions: https://http-mainnet.hecochain.com

Chain ID:128

Currency Symbol(optional): HT

Block Explorer URL(optional): https://hecoinfo.com

Click [Save]

4.Switch to the Heco Mainnet.

5.Make sure your Heco address have some NT,HT and USDT to play the game.You can use some cross-chain bridge to transfer the Ethereum or BSC asset to Heco.

6.After completing the above steps, open https://btcmining.game with your browser to enter the game and start a brand new mining journey.

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