Beginner's Guide

1.Choose your initial talent at the beginning of the game

Each time you open a new life, the system randomly refreshes 7 kinds of talents, choose 3 of them to go to the next step.

Some specific talent cards may activate related events, players can choose according to their preferences.

2.Adjusting the initial character attributes

The level of attributes will affect the events experienced by the player in this life. Experiencing special events will cause your attribute values to change over the course of the game, determining the final number of years of survival.

There are total 20 points at the very beginning,you can only assign 4 attributes - INT, STR, MNY and CHR - and each attribute can be set from 0-10 points. Once you have assigned your attributes, click [Start My Life] to start the game.

Once you start the game, you can experience your life story, which is related to the talent you chose, the attribute points you assigned before you started the game.And when you reach the age of 30, you will meet your first life node!

3.Reaching the life node stage

Every certain number of years will reach the life node, the player has 3 choices within the limited 300 seconds, more than 300 seconds without choice, the system will force the player to continue life.

[Receive Award to end life]

Selecting this option will result in an NT reward from the prize pool extraction rate corresponding to this node, as well as a chance to receive a random talent card, after choosing to end life,the life node card cannot be minted.


After selecting this option you can continue the game, or after adding a talent card that you have you also can continue the game.

[Cast Life Node Card]

Selecting this option will result in a Life Node Card, but will not result in a Talent Card or NT bonus. Each Life Node Card is an NFT and can be traded freely on NFT Master.

All NFTs can be traded freely on the NFT Master.

After reaching the life point of 60 years old and above (including 60 years old), select [Claim Reward End Life] are eligible for NT rewards proportional to the current prize pool!

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