Q: Hey Roon. Please say Hello to our community.

A: Good day, NEXTYPE communities and supporters. I'm Ronn, the COO of NEXTYPE.

I'm probably familiar with many regular NEXTYPE users, and you may have seen me sharing and demonstrating NEXTYPE at several AMA events before.

But today, I'd like to talk about something different. Especially something like Game Development and Big NEWs about NEXTYPE you may care about. So, let’s get started.

NEXTYPE has been launched for nearly 5 months now since TGE in July this year. We started our Crypto and GameFi journey on HECO and have gradually launched MiningTycoon, NFT Master, and REBORN. As of this week, we have nearly 300,000 players joining us, with a peak of daily activity users of over 35,000. The First 2 weeks after launched on BSC, MiningTycoon has been ranking in the Top 2 on the BSC New Blockchain Game List. This shows that NEXTYPE has won the users’ recognition, and with a large number of players pouring in, NT consumption has also reached an upsurge.

All kinds of NFT sales, NFT Mystery Boxes, and other campaigns held by us can also get active participation, and can usually be sold out in a very short time.

We did have made some achievements, but we are not getting complacent and arrogant. Instead, it brings more pressure and motivation.

As we know, when players are more supportive, they have a higher expectation for NEXTYPE.

Thank all of you for supporting NEXTYPE.


Q1: Nice intro. Does NEXTYPE have any positive factors in terms of planning for next year?

A: First of all, the key point that we should make clear is that NEXTYPE is created to be the world's leading blockchain game distribution platform.

Based on this, NEXTYPE will continuously focus on the new game release and the infrastructure for the distribution platform in the next step.

Starting with REBORN, we want to promote in an all-around way to allow those crypto users who are currently following the GameFi to know more about NEXTYPE and join us.

To achieve this target, the NEXTYPE team would focus on three things:

Development of Native GameFi Products. The games with GameFi attributed in NEXTYPE will be developed in two ways: the first one is self-developed by the NEXTYPE technical team, and the other is co-developed by excellent cooperative partners. This guarantees the GameFi products released by NEXTYPE have industry-leading advantages in terms of product quality and economic system and effectively helps to attract more players to join in.

Development of NFTFi Products. In the future, players can experience more functions of asset liquidity aimed at NFTs in NFT Master, including the NFT minting, synthesis, and lending. The purpose of these gameplays is to improve the liquidity of NFT assets and continue to expand and empower NT usage scenarios, providing a more significant improvement of NFT value for each game under the NEXTYPE ecosystem.

GameFi Incubator. NEXTYPE will cooperate with world-class institutions to jointly establish GameFi Incubator to provide global blockchain game teams with the whole process of product incubation services, including support for funding, technology, resources, users, exchanges, etc. Meanwhile, blockchain games incubated by NEXTYPE will form a strong connection with the NEXTYPE ecosystem, which can effectively increase NT value.

In 2022, we will complete the development and present the functions and infrastructure of the entire distribution platform, including MiningTycoon V2, the NFT Auction, Minting, Synthesis, and Lending in NFT Master, NDEX, NSWAP, and the full function of NT Gamebox. By combining these functional products, players can easily find the newest and most integrated blockchain game information and complete the trading, cross-chain, and exchange of various game tokens and NFTs in the most convenient way.

Q2: What is the NEXTYPE Team busy with recently? What stage are the self-developed games at? And any news about the other products?

A:First, I’d like to talk about our games.

MiningTycoon V2

We released the preview video of MiningTycoon V2 last week. I believe many regular players have already seen it. In addition to the whole new art design, we hope that players have a clear understanding of the positioning of MiningTycoon, the Economic System Engine of NEXTYPE. Its core function is to produce NEXTYPE's platform token NT. We have designed a series of gameplay to help players have more fun while mining. At the same time, we will also add an Expansion Package in the V2 version, and you could say that as the DLC for traditional games, which is designed to enrich the gameplay and make it more fun for P2E. It is coming soon at the end of December.


NEO FANTASY is currently still in development. We have put a lot of effort into the art design of this product, and there are some creative gameplays in the economic model. The game will be presented in the way of Dapp to be more simple for players. We expect that it will be launched during the spring of 2022.

Maiden Des Dragons, a TCG-type blockchain game. We plan to introduce some gameplay that requires strategies to the GameFi world and add P2E elements based on gameplay, making players enjoy the game with a sense of strategy while gaining revenue through DeFi-based gameplay.

Racing Tycoon is a racing-themed blockchain game. Players need to collect various NFT components to assemble a racing car and compete with other players for ranking and rewards. There would be many types and varieties of NFT components. Each player can assemble different racing cars based on their understanding of the game to participate in various races. Players can gain revenue in the process of collecting advanced components and participation in advanced races.

Other Products.

NSWAP is a cross-chain protocol product of NEXTYPE's NFT. In the future, NFTs of games deployed on multiple chains under the NEXTYPE ecosystem can use this product to cross-chain, which is convenient for players to transfer their NFT assets in different chains. What’s more, the cross-chain of NFTs outside the NEXTYPE ecosystem would be supported in the future, but this requires more teams joining us and working together. The initial version will be launched within a month, and its functions will continue to be enriched.

NDEX, a Dex that will be launched for games under the NEXTYPE ecosystem to allow players to exchange tokens of various games more quickly and easily. At the Yield-Farming section, players can also provide liquidity to earn liquidity mining revenue. This will be launched in the first half of next year.

Q3. Recently, we have seen many blockchain games up and down. What kind of measures has NEXTYPE done to keep the game alive? What kind of advantages does NEXTYPE have compared to similar products?

A: First of all, we think all players should know there is an objective situation that even in traditional games, they all have a declining period. And currently, the key reason why there are more blockchain games having a sharp rise and fall is that the economic system is designed too simple and rough. This will drain the vitality of the game at the early stage.

We would take the design of the economic system of NEXTYPE's products as the most important part, design and test them repeatedly, seeking the perfect match between the gameplay and the economic system so that players can have more fun in the game as well as earn the revenue. The design of P2E will be softer to ensure a positive economic ecology and maintain its vitality. In this regard, the success of Axie Infinity can be referred to.

Also, the eco-economic closed-loop of NEXTYPE should be noticed. Players can obtain NT through mining in MininngTycoon and use NT to purchase when new games or props are presented, which can significantly reduce the initial investment. As well as transferring NFT from previous games to new games by NFT minting. NT will also have a better value as it is continuously burnt. This is the greater advantage of the platform over a single product. The fundamental to achieving this closed-loop is to keep launching fun games to players. This is why we insist on self-developed games and a Gamefi Incubator.

Q4. NEXTYPE often organized various campaigns before and attracted many players in the community to participate. What is the plan for marketing Cooperation, and how would they go?

A: As a platform, the flow and activity of NEXTYPE are critical data for us. We have already displayed our project information in major global information websites and data tracking platforms before, and we also continue to promote project cooperation. Currently, the wallets that we have included and cooperated with are as follow:

SafePal, Coin98, Huobi Wallet, Chainge Wallet, D’CENT Wallet, TokenPocket, ONTO Wallet, BitKeep Wallet.

And we have launched Joint Mining Campaigns with Mdex, Booster, Coinwind, and BakerySwap. And the co-branded NFT with SafePal, DODO, BakerySwap, Coinhub, and other projects will also be launched successively.

In terms of marketing, CMO David is in charge of promoting the project. We have already reached cooperation with over 20 top influencers with thousands of followers from Russia, Vietnam, the United States, Singapore, and Korea.

We also maintain a close connection with more than 10 top global blockchain media, including CoinTelegraph, Bitcoin News, and Bitcoinist, to continue the publicity of NEXTYPE.

In terms of other campaigns, after the REBORN official launch, there will be bonus events, and everyone can win huge rewards.

Besides, a series of BIG campaigns will also be launched this month to celebrate NEXTYPE for reaching a new level and New Year! We would provide a wide variety of campaigns and present some NFTs planned for some time. So you do not want to miss it!

Q5: As the platform token of the NEXTYPE ecosystem, what are the usages of NT? How to embody its value?

A: NT is the most important circulating token in the whole NEXTYPE ecology. The total supply is limited to 1,000,000,000, which are currently issued on both HECO and BSC, and will be operated synchronously in multiple chains later. At present, the total circulation is about 90M, and the maximum mining output will be 140M by July next year.

The value of NT depends on the application scenarios within the ecosystem and the circulation within the economic model. At present, holding NT can participate in MiningTycoon mining to earn revenue, participate in REBORN to win game rewards, open NFT Mystery Boxes to obtain in-game NFT cards, and unlock mini-games in NT GameBox, and pay for game props in each game.

After the abundance of ecological products, NT will have more value!

For example:

1. Participate in IGO with priority when the new game goes online according to the number of NT holding/staked, the computing power, and level in MininnTycoon to win NT rewards and Whitelist qualification.

2. Purchase new game NFTs with discount when first released

3. In NDEX, NT and new game tokens will form liquidity pairs, and these LP tokens can be staked in MiningTycoon to earn additional revenue.

4. Participate in platform governance (DAO), such as voting on the gameplay system and economic model of new games, to really allow players to participate in the game R&D and create games belonging to the community together. Meanwhile, you can also run for positions like administrators and CMO in Game Guild. The final candidates will be selected by community voting and win the corresponding NT reward.

In addition to rich application scenarios, NT also has a continuous burning mechanism. The burning process is publicized on the official channels every week.

Therefore, the future value space of NT is vast. Referring to the development route of ETH, BNB, and other ecological platforms tokens, the value of NT will be gradually excavated and amplified in three to four years. At present, it is still at the low price, and the cost of putting into the game is relatively low, which is a better time.

[5 Live Questions]

Q1: I participated in the test of the upcoming game Reborn, but I don’t understand the function of the "Life Memorial Card" cast after the game is over. Can you tell me?

Ans: [In reply to UKong Xu]

First of all. Thanks for participating in our Beta Test. And the winners of Beta Test rewards will be announced today. You could check if you are lucky enough to win then.

Ok. Let's back to Life Memorial Card.

Life Memorial Card records all the experiences of your life in the game, which can be used to participate in some Egg Events to win rewards. Life Memorial Card is NFT and can be traded in NFT Master. And if your life events recorded in this NFT are interesting, they might be more valuable.

Q2: Talking about Game production in the blockchain space. Many gamers are concerned with things like Rewards, Rare Cards, P2E and Resolution or Graphics. Which specific Game Products does NEXTYEP offer or do you offer all of them?

Ans: [In reply to Xonggg Gun ? The LightHouse]

As NEXTYPE is the blockchain game distribution platform, there will be lots of games under the NEXTYPE ecosystem in the near future. Therefore, all factors you mentioned will be included.

For now, you can stake to play&earn in MiningTycoon, use strategies to live longer in REBORN to win more rewards, NEO Fantasy is an RPG-type game with remarkable art design, and Maiden Des Dragons is a TCG-type game.

As you see, we are trying to enrich our game matrix to fit more players and provide various game experiences.

Q3: People always check about safety and security from any project because much hack issue right now, I would like to know how is the safety from your project? How did you make sure that you are secure?

Ans: [In reply to 𝖡𝗋𝗂𝗍𝗇𝖾𝗒]

Users' assets security is our top priority.

First, every operation related to users' crypto assets is carried out via well-tested and deployed smart contracts. There is no way for anything (including the NEXTYPE developer team) to manipulate users' assets.

Second, all smart contract source code is available in the GitHub repo. Anyone is welcome to review the source code and compare it with the deployed version on the blockchain.

Third, our smart contract source code has been audited by the prestigious security company CertiK. Before our launch, they have helped us test and improve the security mechanisms. Here is the audit report: https://www.certik.org/projects/nextype

So, we can guarantee that users in NEXTYPE will never face security issues.

Q4: I really like the nft that's been launched, and I'd like to ask when the remaining nfts in the series are available

[In reply to j d]

Thanks for your support.

At present, the NFTs we issued are mainly divided into two categories: co-branded NFT and in-game NFTs. I mentioned that co-branded NFT with SafePal, DODO, BakerySwap, Coinhub, and other projects will be launched successively.

With the development of games, other in-game NFTs will be presented gradually. Besides, we will hold more NFT Mystery Box events cause most of our users like it, where you could still get NFTs in advance.

Moreover, we will design some mechanisms to empower NFTs you hold before they could be used in the game after the game launch. Stay tuned!

Q5: Massive adoption, it is every project strives to achieve. How is NEXTYPE($NT) going to achieve this? do you have any plans to reach worldwide attention to $NT?

Ans: [In reply to Bee]

We are growing into several regions simultaneously. As you can see our communities have reached over 5 regions and is growing continuously each day

Q6: I'm a big fan of nt and I was involved when the game was booked. My question is how long will the other three plates in the nft master be available.

[In reply to nt]

NFTs officially released by NEXTYPE will be on sale in the Market Place of NFT Master for players to buy. In the future, our cooperative projects could open their own NFT stores in NFT Master, so that players can experience the complete process of NFT collection, trade, and exchange in this Dapp.

We expect in the next version of NFT Master, the gameplay about NFT minting and synthesis will be updated. Players could mint or synthesize NFTs with NT paid, which is a great new experience.

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