Mining machine

Mining Machine Upgrade

Click the Mining Machines to enter the details page and spend Gold to upgrade 5 components.

You can upgrade the Mining Machines to change the shape after reaching the specific levels.

Mining machine repair

Click the Mining Machines to enter the details page, select the miner component that needs to be repaired, click [Repair], and spend a small amount of gold to get your corresponding miner component back to perfect condition!

It's better to log in the game and repair all components every day, otherwise the Mining Machines will break down and will not produce Gold,and each damaged miner reduces the total NT output by 5%.

One-Click Repair

If there are too many components that need to be repaired, you can pay a small amount of NT to repair all components at once, saving you efficiency!

Click [Control Center].click [Fix mining machine],click[Confirm]

How to change the skin of the Mining Machine?

1. Click any Mining Machine to enter the detailed interface, select [shape]

2.Select the skin you want to change and click [Confirm] to replace it.

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