Progress Report in Sept

Dear NEXTYPE Community,

Thanks for your support and trust in NEXTYPE.

The monthly progress report in September of NEXTYPE is as follows, please review.

Big Events

1) The 7th -11th season of MiningTycoon are ended successfully. The total NT staked exceeds 50M and players from more than 125+ countries and regions participated

2) NEXTYPE has reached official cooperation with MDEX, CoinWind, Booster and Demeter, and series of joint mining events were held

3) NT is listed on Coinhub, and the NFTs issued by NEXTYPE could be displayed, trade and viewed on Coinhub

4) NEXTYPE has won the second place in Heco Global Hackathon

5) Heco launched vLoot Event, and NEXTYPE was honored to participate with other top

6) NEXTYPE became the official partner of the 9th CGC

7) NEXTYPE Genesis Launch Memorial NFT Mining Event was officially launched

8) The Public Beta Test of NFT Master, the aggregator of NFT value capture in the NEXTYPE ecosystem was officially launched

Core Data

1) Addresses holding NT: 51,354

2) NEXTYPE Official Twitter: 82K

3) NEXTYPE Official Telegram: 60K

4) Total NT burnt: 181,502

5) Total countries and regions covered by MiningTycoon: 125+

Progress in Development

Ø MiningTycoon

1) Modified the processing of single token staking, which is compatible with the cooperative token

2) Modified pages to adapt the display of Overload pool

3) Modified monitoring process to adapt the identification of multiple staking contract addresses

4) Modified the methods of data statistic of NT

5) Completed the method of NFT output in Tycoon Pool

6) Added the API interface of mass usage props in game storage

7) Developed the prevention function of illegal registration

8) Completed data docking in Tycoon Pool

9) Optimized the data statistics page to be compatible with the data output in Tycoon Pool

10) Modified the time that triggers the immediate processing of invitation tasks

11) Launched the NFT Mining features

12) Dealing with the compatibility of Heco permanent divergence

13) Completed the development of cooperative pool with Demeter

14) Completed the compatibility of login and payment in a cooperation wallet

15) Completed the features design of cooperative pools

Ø NFT Master

1) Tested the new gameplay about smart contracts

2) Added the smarts contracts about purchasing and auction

3) Completed the design and development about market and trade features

4) Designed the NFT Master pools

5) Completed the design of Puzzles of NFT Master

6) Completed the development of auction

7) Designed and developed UI and special effects

8) Completed the theme music of NFT Master

Ø NT GameBox

1) The data docking about check-in and lottery is completed

2) Added the function related to purchasing lottery times in the payment process

3) Added balance and withdrawal module in [ME] sector

4) optimized compatibility and display problems

5) Completed the data docking of the new games

6) Completed the docking of game Fighter Escape

7) Optimized the compatibility between the automatic acquisition protocol and HTTPS protocol

Community Activities


1) 27 AMA activities were held with high-quality communities around the world, such as Japan, India, Russia, Arabia, and Asia Pacific region, covering almost 80K users

2) Activities

3) Several Bounty Campaigns were held in each game season

4) The joint mining events with MDEX, CoinWind, Booster and Demeter were held respectively

5) NEXTYPE participated in the vLoot event held by Heco

6) 2 rounds of NFT sale were held in the game store of MiningTycoon, including Hanazawa Kana and other game props NFT

7) NEXTYPE Genesis Launch Memorial NFT Mining Event was officially launched

KOL Cooperation

1) NEXTYPE was supported and publicized by more than 50 blockchain media in Chian, covering more than 1M users

2) The famous Youtuber in Arabic published NEXTYPE introduction video, covering almost 300K users

Media Coverage

1) Chain Catcher:

2) CoinTelegraph China:

3) CoinTelegraph:

The above is all the contents of NEXTYPE monthly report in September 2021. If you have any comments or suggestions, please leave messages through the NEXTYPE official channels, or join our communities to feedback.


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