💰$NT Intro

$NT is a native ERC-20 token based on HECO and BSC, issued by NEXTYPE Finance, which will be used as incentives, management, project development, and game payment around NEXTYPE ecology. As the investors, liquidity providers, and NEXTYPE players, NT will allow them to enter all kinds of application scenarios.

Token Distribution Plan

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 NT

Foundation Pre-lockout

100,000,000 NT will be securely locked in a lockout protocol that public audit enabled with a one-year lockout period. After one year, 4% will be released each month. Those tokens will be mainly used to support the sustainable development of NEXTYPE ecology.

Team Incentives

50,000,000 NT will be securely locked in a lockout protocol that public audit enabled. After the initial lockout, 4% will be released each month.


130,000,000 NT is for the investments of valid investors. The shares of institutional investors participating in the private offering have a lock-up mechanism, releasing 25% at TGE and 15% per month for the next 5 months. The shares of individual investors participating in the public offering do not have a lock-up.

Game Pre-order

15,000,000 NT will be used to reward users who reserved and purchased MiningnTycoon gift packs.

​​Community Operation and Airdrops

5,000,000 NT will be used to support all kinds of community operations and airdrops.

Mining Rewards

700,000,000 NT. It will be rewarded through MiningTycoon at the first stage and through collaborating games at the second stage. The released volume in the first year is 20% of the total volume, which is 140,000,000 NT. Afterward, the rewarding volume specifications will be voted by NT owners.

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