Level up Event in REBORN

To give new players a better gaming experience, we will launch the Level up Event on both BSC and HECO.

During the event, new users who reach level 10 in the game can share 100,000NT!

Time: December 29th - January 25th

Platform: HECO & BSC

Introduction: Newly registered users who reach level 10 will share 100,000 NT rewards!

What is New User?

Users who never enter REBORN before December 29th.

What is Personal Level?

Enter the game and click the Personal Center in the upper left corner to view Personal Level.

How to level up?

Participating in the game will receive a certain amount of experience at the end of each game life journey. When the experience value keeps adding up, the level will also gradually increase.

REBORN is the world's first episodic drama-type blockchain game presented by NEXTYPE. You will experience various exciting events in the game and encounter several life nodes. You can use talent cards to get buffs so that you have more control over your life. You can also sell your life at life nodes, or you can experience the lives of others by buying other peoples’ life node cards.

Experiencing a new life is a cool thing and a chance to get a high NT revenue. The longer your life lasts, the more revenue you get. So choose carefully and strive to survive longer. Maybe your real life will also be changed by this.

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