💰Vote for MiningTycoon V2 NFT Mining Pools

Date: Jan 27 - Jan29


1. Participate in our vote and select your favourite NFT Cards of NFT Mining Pools.

2. The top 3 NFTs with the most votes of each NFT Mining Pool will be selected as NFT Mining Pools next season!

3. NFT Mining Pool-No.1 and NFT Mining Pool-No.2 will join in this vote.

4. The following NFTs will participate in the voting:

NFT Mining Pool-No.1: Mr.Leadwire, Miner's Glory, Silencer, Rhythm Brother, Nuclear Machine;

NFT Mining Pool-No.2: Proton Machine, Nextype & Demeter, PoisonMaster, Huobi's 8th Anniversary, Hanazawa Kana;

5. You can select 3 NFTs for Each NFT Mining Pool.

Rewards: 2 lucky winners will be selected from all the users participating in voting randomly to win 500NT each.

Result announce: Jan 30

👉Participate in here: https://forms.gle/eabTg9UYwQt4ZSmc8

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