How to add NFT in MetaMask?

Open this link and open it to download MetaMask in Chrome version
2. Create or import your wallet address
3. Click [Ethereum Mainnet]
4. Choose [Custom RPC]
5. Key in the relevant details to configure the HECO network:
Network name: heco-mainnet
Other Districts:​
Chain ID: 128
Symbol: HT
Block Explorer URL:​
6. Switch to [Heco Mainnet]
7. Click [Add Token]
8. Type in the relevant details to add NFT
Mr. Leadwire
Contract address: 0x6a97a969dbfd53332de429885601adae3ff4a36b
Token Decimal: 0
Contract address: 0xe71426FE1b40ee1C76F89a9600dcFF3D5473f4A9
Token Decimal: 0
Nuclear Machine
Contract address: 0xD9A67b4Ab1f7cDBF09a55335bbF70583465762De
Token Decimal: 0
Rhythm Brothers
Contract address: 0xE76b570844b79AFA7f5c369444Ee5BA32f63Ef2A
Token Decimal: 0
Proton Machine
Contract address: 0x749a434BB195aDD36aEc53cEFdCf93668b589278
Token Decimal: 0
Hanazawa Kana - World Premiere Limited Edition
Contract address: 0x49B97fe59b26BA11F45BcdEf3F38fC619e8CbeB5
Token Decimal: 0
9. Then you will see NFT you won in MetaMask