📱Access MiningTycoon Tutorial Using HECO-Enabled Wallet Apps

Current, the following Wallets supports HECO chain (click the Wallet name to download)
1.Take Token Pocket wallet as an example
Download Token Pocket Wallet Apps and create or import a HECO wallet. Choose to switch your wallet to [HECO] wallet on the [Assets] page inside Tokenpocket wallet. If there is already USDT, HT and NT in the HECO wallet, you can directly access the game by viewing step 3 of the tutorial.
2.Deposit USDT, HT and NT from other wallets to your new Heco wallet.
If you have USDT, HT and NT in other wallets, you can click the [Receive] button on the [Assets] page of the Token Pocket wallet, enter the Receive page and click the [Copy] button, copy the HECO Receive address, go to the transfer inside the other wallet and paste the copied address to transfer the corresponding USDT, HT and NT.
3.Click the [Discover] on Token Pocket Wallet and enter "" in the search bar to enter the game.