📱Access MiningTycoon Tutorial Using HECO-Enabled Wallet Apps

Current, the following Wallets supports HECO chain (click the Wallet name to download)

Huobi Wallet | TokenPocket | BitKeep | MetaMask | ONTO | Hyperpay | Dappbirds | Aolink | Codebank | Coin98 | Alphawallet | Midas | Onekey

1.Take Token Pocket wallet as an example

Download Token Pocket Wallet Apps and create or import a HECO wallet. Choose to switch your wallet to [HECO] wallet on the [Assets] page inside Tokenpocket wallet. If there is already USDT, HT and NT in the HECO wallet, you can directly access the game by viewing step 3 of the tutorial.

2.Deposit USDT, HT and NT from other wallets to your new Heco wallet.

If you have USDT, HT and NT in other wallets, you can click the [Receive] button on the [Assets] page of the Token Pocket wallet, enter the Receive page and click the [Copy] button, copy the HECO Receive address, go to the transfer inside the other wallet and paste the copied address to transfer the corresponding USDT, HT and NT.

3.Click the [Discover] on Token Pocket Wallet and enter "https://btcmining.game" in the search bar to enter the game.

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