How to Add Liquidity to PanCakeSwap to get LP?

1. First you need to prepare a certain amount of USDT/BUSD/BNB/SFP and NT, then copy the link and open it in the wallet supporting BSC and authorize it to enter PanCakeSwap.

2. Select USDT/BUSD/BNB/SFP at the top blank and NT at the bottom blank.

Take USDT as an example, enter the amount of NT you want to add, then the amount of USDT will automatically be displayed. Confirm it and click [Approve NT].

NT Token: 0xfbcf80ed90856AF0d6d9655F746331763EfDb22c

3. After approving NT successfully, click [Supply] on the pop-up page, where the amount of LP you can get will be displayed. Then confirm the information and click [Confirm Supply], you will get the corresponding LP Token.

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