📢NEXTYPE IGO Officially Launch with $50,000 NFT Mining Pools!

NEXTYPE IGO is officially launched on BNB Chain:https://igo.nextype.finance

NEXTYPE IGO is the startup GameFi projects service platform launched by NEXTYPE, providing core functions such as IGO, IGO Candy Pool, and NFT mining for initial GameFi projects.

Qualified startup GameFi projects can raise funding by launching IGO Mining Pools on the NEXTYPE IGO. In addition, NEXTYPE will provide support with more resources and finances for quality GameFi projects to promote its development.

Meanwhile, NT holders can get a higher return on investment by participating in various Mining Pools on NEXTYPE IGO to obtain initial tokens and NFTs at a low cost.

Introduction of IGO NFT Mining Event

To celebrate the official launch of IGO Platform, NEXTYPE has reach co-operation with some amazing GameFi projects: Seektiger, Arcfinance, Bitbow, Melos, Platofarm, Metabell, MetaRising, etc. Our partners will provide more than $50,000 worth of NFTs, and our NT holders can participate in mining the NFTs to enjoy the benefits from our partners.

More Joint Mining Pools will be launched continuously. Please keep following our announcement.

Participation Rules

  1. Staking a certain amount of NT to participate in NFT mining, and the staked NT is only allowed to redeem when the output ends.

  2. Each address can only get 1 NFT at most in each Mining Pool.

  3. When the number of participants exceeds the limit of NFTs in each Mining Pool, the system will randomly select the specified number of addresses to receive the NFTs.

  4. The winners need to claim the NFT they earned according to the tutorials provided by different cooperation partners.

*The tutorials will be released before the event ends.

NFT Benefit Introduction

  1. The NFTs provided by our partners in this event can only be used within the related partner's products, and there is no empowerment within the NEXTYPE ecosystem for now.

  2. Users could add the NFTs’ contracts into their wallets to check.

  3. If you got any questions about these NFTs, please ask the administrators in the related partner communities.

Details of Joint NFT Mining Pools

Details of output NFT

Smart Contract Address

NFT Mysterybox: 0x51e025E236a3077057A3BF40b6CE49477a8e96A9

Arc Finance NFT: 0x9070c3e3ba2667a528c694ba7c3202a14b027409

BitBow NFT: 0xBd16B9b2e51B8fBEF5FcC4c7BA4D8e733C611aE6

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