NFT Master is an aggregator that links the NFT assets of various games in the NEXTYPE ecosystem. Players can view their NFT holdings in this game and freely trade them with other players, as well as conduct public auctions for rare NFTs. At the same time NEXTYPE official release NFT will also been purchased in the Market Place for players to buy.

All of this will be based on player revenue as the original starting point, making NFT Master the aggregator of NFT value capture in the NEXTYPE ecosystem.

Let's me share you how to enter to NFT MASTER.

NFT MASTER Official Website Link:

How to Enter to NFT MASTER on HECO

PC Terminal

1. Download MetaMask Wallet by Google Chrome,enter to the Wallet Apps then create or import a HECO Wallet to activate the HECO mainnet .

2. By your Browser copy the NFT MASTER Official website link:

Here is a link to teach you #How to enter to HECO mainnet access by your MetaMask Wallet:


1. Download Token Pocket Wallet Apps and create or import a HECO wallet

Option A

Token Pocket Wallet Apps [Discover]----- [My DApps] clink in ' Mining Tycoon' then you could find NFT MASTER.

You could be enter to NFT MASTER successfully in the [My DApps] by NT Gamebox.

Option B

Token Pocket Wallet Apps [Discover] and copy the link to enter NFT Master

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