Mining License

Mining Licenses is a necessary prop to participate in the BTC mining, which comes from the staking in Master Pools. There are 3 types of Mining License, NT-L1, NT-L2, NT-L3, which is produced in different Master Pools.

How to get it?

The Mining License comes from the staking in Master Pools, which is produced from 0:00 to 8:00 SGT per day. The more NT+USDT staked, the more Mining License produced.

Any uncollected Mining License will be burned at 24:00 SGT on the same day, so remember to collect them with KEY in time.

All mining licenses can be traded freely, and you can also buy special props in the NT-L shop.

How to collect it?

Collecting NT-L needs KEY which can be bought in the game [Shop].

Click [Shop] and enter the [USDT] page, and then choose [Special Items] to buy KEY.

After purchasing the KEY, players can click [collect NT-L] in any Master Pool to claim the Mining License.

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