💡$NT Usage Scenarios


The NT holder can gain extra revenues in all kinds of games released or supported by NEXTYPE through staking.


NT holders can use NT to add liquidity in DEXs to gain continuous revenues from the liquidity supply.

In-game Payment

NT can be used to pay for game props released by NEXTYPE.

NFT Purchase

NT can purchase various types of NFT in NFT Master, including NFT sold by the platform, NFT trading between users, NFT auctions, NFT Mystery Boxes opening, etc.

NFT Minting, Synthesis, and Lending

In NFT Master, NT holders can mint NFT and synthesize NFT according to specific rules, and NFT lending is also charged by NT, allowing users to gain the long-tail revenue from these features.


NT holders could stake their tokens to specific products to obtain the right to vote. Usually, this mechanism will involve limited-time staking. Detailed content will be confirmed when the governance is started.


NT holders can participate in IGO launched by NEXTYPE, which includes IGO campaigns related to the tokens of the co-sponsored projects or the games issued by NEXTYPE. NT users can obtain initially offered tokens of quality projects at a lower price through IGO and receive predictable revenue.


NXTYPE will implement a limited burning mechanism. In the future, 15% of each week’s profit generated by MiningTycoon and other collaborating games will be used to buy NT back from the secondary market. The upper burning limit is 20% of the NT total supply.


Reserved tokens will be distributed into future development, supporting the community, marketing, paying the exchange fees, and maintaining long-term liquidity.

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