💰Leave Traces of NEXTYPE on Twitter

Elon Musk owns Twitter now. As we live in the crypto world, it is fantastic news for all of us to witness Twitter, one of the biggest social media platforms, transforming into the entrance to Metaverse and the fundamental bedrock of Web3.0.

Before it is too late, leave the traces of NEXTYPE on Twitter. We invite all of our users to create NEXTYPE Memes and post them on Twitter. Remember to mention us and add the Hashtag #LeaveNEXTYPEtraces so that we can find you.

20 lucky winners will win Hanazawa Kana Portrait NFT rewards, and 5 Memes will be chosen through community voting to be minted as NFTs with NEXTYPE in-game benefits.

Date: Apr 27 - May 6

Rewards Distribution: May 7

NFT Mint: Before May 30


1. During the event, NEXTYPE users could post self-created Memes about NEXTYPE on Twitter to win rewards.

*The Memes must be Positive and includes NEXTYPE Logo. You can find the NEXTYPE logo files here: https://docs.nextype.finance/about-nxetype/nextype-brand-kit

2. 20 lucky winners will be selected randomly to win a Hanazawa Kana Portrait NFT.

*200 Hanazawa Kana Portrait NFTs will be minted with the in-game benefit of increasing the NT output in all Rookie Mining Pools by 100% 2 hours per day

3. 5 Memes will be chosen through community voting to be minted as 100 NFTs with NEXTYPE in-game benefits, which will be rewarded to the Meme’s creators and other lucky voters.

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