NEXTYPE is an integrated blockchain game distribution platform committed to creating high-quality blockchain games and bringing players a comfortable experience of Play2Earn. We will develop more accessible and efficient asset exchange protocols and tools for blockchain games to allow users to enter the blockchain game world easily. In the meantime, we will provide infrastructures and ecological support for developers in multi-dimensions, development, operation, distribution, etc., to help them create excellent games. As a blockchain game distribution platform, NEXTYPE provides initial token offering services for different blockchain game projects in the form of GameFi, which we call IGO. This is the core highlight of NEXTYPE's business and also an important application scenario for our ecological token.

As the blockchain world enters the third generation, hot spots such as DeFi and NFT are getting popular, and blockchain users keep pouring in. They are looking for a more interesting scenario where value appreciation can be achieved more efficiently and securely. Although innovation is the unified starting point of each project, seeking a more detailed and precise area has become challenging.

This has also prompted us to formally launch NEXTYPE based on a long period of in-depth exploration of games and blockchain to bring a new game ecology with more innovation, more sustainability, and expansion to the blockchain world.

As you all know, the blockchain game is not a newly-developing area. It has been four years since the phenomenal application CryptoKitties arose in Ethereum in 2017 as the start, and Axie Infinity was introduced in 2018. However, it was not until the beginning of 2021 that they entered the vision of blockchain enthusiasts more widely. The blockchain games industry, which is still in the early stage, will enter a high-speed development stage in the next few years. Along with the launch of various types of blockchain games, players' needs for information collection and capture, learning and participation, game asset management, etc., will continue to emerge. At this stage, the value of comprehensive services provided by NEXTYPE ecology for blockchain game players will be significantly reflected.

With the continuous implementation of various products under the concept of Metaverse, more users from the non-crypto world will gradually migrate to this new world, and for these new immigrant users, how to participate more efficiently and in a more visual way will become a significant demand. NEXTYPE's various infrastructures will be a solid bridge to effectively help users achieve identity conversion and asset migration from the real world to the crypto world.

The Gameverse belonging to NEXTYPE is gradually opening up in Metaverse.

1. Positioning of NEXTYPE

The world’s leading integrated blockchain game distribution platform.

2. Core of NEXTYPE

NEXTYPE focuses on three things:

1) Infrastructures development of blockchain game distribution platform

2) Distribution and operation of high-quality blockchain games

3) Incubation of native GameFi and NFTFi products

3. Vision of NEXTYPE

Inspiring the infinite possibilities of blockchain games

4. Mission of NEXTYPE

Serving global blockchain game players

🚀NEXTYPE Website :http://nextype.finance

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