Campaigns on BSC (November 26 - December 15)

Event 1: REBORN Genesis Airdrop on the BSC

Time : November 26, 12 PM UTC- December 4, 12 PM UTC

Users who complete the following tasks will have the opportunity to receive a package including NT and REBORN Talent card NFT. There are 200 gift packages worth $10,000 waiting for you!

At the end of the event, 200 users who complete all the tasks will be selected to win the airdrop.

All packages will be distributed to the players’ addresses before the launch of REBORN.

Airdrop tasks List:

1. Follow NEXTYPE on Twitter.

2. Join NTXTYPE Telegram Group

3. Follow REBORN on Twitter

4. Join REBORN Telegram Group

5. Visit REBORN official website

6. Retweet Genesis Airdrop event on Twitter

7. Leave your BSC address

Gifts in one Airdrop package:

Event 2: Talent Card NFT Pre-sale on the BSC

There are 300 Packages in this pre-sale, with a limit of 1 for each address. First come, first served.

After the pre-sale ends, the first 5 and last 5 players who purchase successfully will receive the NT rewards equal to their payments. And players ranked in the order ending with 0 will receive 30% of their payments.

12 hours after the pre-sale, you can go back to the official website to Claim your NFT.

Pre-sale time: 12 PM UTC, December 15

Package in the pre-sale contents:

Event 3: Surprise Bonus on the BSC

Addresses that meet the following requirements will receive a REBORN Surprise Bonus Package as of 4AM UTC on December 4.

1. As of 4 AM UTC, December 4, the user with more than 3M computing power in MiningTycoon will have the chance to get 1 REBORN Talent card NFT, and the user with more than 4M computing power will get 1 REBORN talent card NFT .

All packages will be distributed to the players’ addresses before the launch of REBORN.

2. Contents of BSC Welfare Package:

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