🔥Weekly Life Age Cumulative Ranking Campaign

Date: Jan 10 - Jan 16


1) During the event, the age players reaching in REBORN will be cumulated

2) The final rewards will be distributed according to the cumulative age of players

3) Players need to play at least 20 times in REBORN during the event to meet the minimum requirement

Ranking rewards:

NO.1: NFT in MiningTycoon - Proton Machine*1

NFT in REBORN - Favor of the Gods Ⅲ*1 (All attributes +3)


NO.2: NFT in MiningTycoon - Nuclear Machine*1

NFT in REBORN - Favor of the Gods Ⅱ*1 (All attributes +2)


NO.3: NFT in MiningTycoon - Silencer*1

NFT of REBORN - Genius Ⅴ (Initial extra attributes +6) *1


NO.4-6 (Each): NFT of REBORN - Strong body Ⅴ (PHY+5) *2 + 1,000NT

NO.7-10 (Each): NFT of REBORN - Strong body Ⅴ (PHY+5) *1 + 500NT

NO.11-20 (Each): NFT of REBORN - Well-off family (FAM+5) *1 + 200NT

NO.21-1000: 200 lucky players will be selected randomly to win 100NT each

Extra Bonus: 1000 players who played in REBORN more than 20 times during the event will be rewarded with NFT in MiningTycoon – Mr. Leadwire*1 and NFT of REBORN - Optimism Ⅴ (DEL+5) *1.

First come first served

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