🚀MiningTycoon V2 Public Beta is officially Launched on HECO

Dear Players,

MiningTycoon V2 Public Beta will be officially launched on HECO at 8 AM UTC on January 20. Rookie Pools, Master Pools, King Pools, and NFT Mining Pools will be opened simultaneously, which will enable players to stake and experience the new gameplay in the V2!

To maximum the NT revenue, please read the following carefully:

1. The NT output of all Mining Pools during the MiningTycoon V2 Public Beta will be lower than the official version.

2. During the MiningTycoon V2 Public Beta, the servers of V1 will run normally, and the NT output in the V1 will also continue.

3. Some data like Mining Farm Level and Computing Power in the V1 will be migrated to V2, and other data of game props and KEYS will not be migrated for now. Please stay tuned for the official announcements of the specific migration time.

4. The NT-L1/NT-L2/NT-L3 in V1 will not be automatically migrated to V2. Players need to manually withdraw NT-L in V1 to their wallets, then choose [ME] in V2 to deposit NT-L.

5. The new Mining Machines will be unlocked when the Mining Farm level reaches 16 or above. and the new miners need to upgrade the miner components with NT-L.

6. During the MiningTycoon V2 Public Beta, each damaged mining machines will reduce the APR of all mining pools by 1%, please repair the damaged miner component in time to avoid lower revenue.

7. 2 NFT Mining Pools will be opened in the 1st game season in V2:

NFT Mining Pool-No.1: Mr.Leadwire, Nuclear Machine, Miner's Glory

NFT Mining Pool-No.2: Silencer, BloodShark, Barrel Pirate

Finally, we have prepared a lot of giveaway campaigns during the V2 Public Beta. Please stay tuned!

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