LEAPER NFT Auction (HECO Commemorative Edition)

We have prepared a Commemorative NFT, LEAPER, for HECO players, limited to 10 copies worldwide and no additional release. Each one comes with lifetime benefits in the games launched by NEXTPYE. This limited NFT will be issued by auction.

Time: 4 AM UTC-12 AM UTC on December 31st - January 9th. 1 auction per day.

Platform: NFT Master (This auction is available to HECO players)

NFT Benefits: LEAPER NFT is a limited edition commemorative NFT for this event, with a total of 10 copies and no additional release. The players who hold this NFT will get 3 NFT of each game launched by NEXTPYE on HECO.

Rules of Auction:

➢ The minimum bid for each NFT is 5000 NT, and the minimum bid increase is 100 NT each time.

➢ The platform will display the current highest bid in real-time, and at the end of the auction, the highest bidder will get the auction NFT for the day.

Adress of Auction

Click this link to enter the auction: https://nftmaster.nextype.finance/

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