NFT Master is an aggregator that links the NFT assets of various games in the NEXTYPE ecosystem. Players can view their NFT holdings in this game and freely trade them with other players, as well as conduct public auctions for rare NFTs. At the same time NEXTYPE official release NFT will also been purchased in the Market Place for players to buy. In the future, various cooperative projects can also open NFT boutiques in the NFT Master, so that players can complete the NFT collection, trade and exchange experience in dapp.

In the next version, will also update the NFT casting and synthesis play, players can use NT for NFT synthesis or minting, which is a great new experience, players can create a variety of NEXTYPE ecological game NFT, NFT can be sold to obtain timely revenue, or can enter the various types of GameFi for in-depth experience to obtain long-term revenue.

All of this will be based on player revenue as the original starting point, making NFT Master the aggregator of NFT value capture in the NEXTYPE ecosystem.

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