📑How to swap NT or HT from BSC on iSwap?

1. Go to iSwap

Visit https://www.iswap.com/ and connect your BSC wallet first.

2. Start to swap

Select the token in your BSC wallet to fill the first blank, and target token (NT or HT) to fill the second blank.

Enter the quantity, and it will show the price, fee, path, and other parameters.

You can also set the slippages and transaction duration.

Confirm Swap. (Need your authorization for first-time usage)

3. Complete Transaction

Just a few seconds, the transaction is done. You can switch to Heco chain wallet to check the NT or HT you swapped.

You can always check the transaction status on corresponding blockchain explorers.

Heco explorer: https://hecoinfo.com/

BSC explorer: https://bscscan.com/

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