Vote for the options of NT Locking Pool in the first round
Dear NEXTYPE Community,
NEXTYPE will start the 1st round of NT Locking Pool in the NEXTYPE IGO platform on BNB Chain. The number of locking NT and the locking days by each address will be determined by the number of NTs voted by all users. Which NT locking option would you like to choose?
Voting time: 10 AM UTC on May 18 - 4 PM UTC on May 19
Snapshot time: 10 AM UTC on May 18
NT Locking Amount for Single Address
Locking Period
Option 1
20 Days
Option 2
30 Days
Option 3
40 Days
  1. 1.
    Players holding NT on BNB Chain in their wallets before 10 AM UTC on May 18 can participate in the voting.
  2. 2.
    The votes will be launched on the Snapshot before each round of the NT locking event, letting the community determine the final number of locked NT and the locking period.
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