Progress Report in Nov

Dear NEXTYPE Community,

Thanks for your support and trust in NEXTYPE.

The monthly progress report in November of NEXTYPE is as follows, please review.

Big Events

1) The 1st -4th game season of MiningTycoon on the Binance Smart Chain is ended successfully. 52K players from 136+ countries participated

2) The 16th -19th season of MiningTycoon on Heco Chain is ended successfully. The total NT staked exceeds 63.5M and players from 131+ countries participated

3) NEXTYPE has reached cooperation with Chainge, ONTO, and Bakery

4) The IDO on DODO was successfully launched with almost 130% fund-raising

5) NT is officially listed on SafePal Earn campaign, and the oint mining event is officially started

6) The Mystery Box campaign of NEXTYPE is officially launched

7) NEXTYPE and BakerySwap joint mining campaign officially started

8) NEXTYPE was invited to participate in HECO GLOBAL DEMO DAY

9) Reborn Genesis Airdrop campaign on HECO is ended successfully

10) NFT Master officially landed on BSC and launched two rounds of NFT sales

11) NEXTYPE was invited to participate in the 8th anniversary of Huobi and launched the APY Magnifier campaign jointly with HECO, and Miner's Miracle Mystery Boxes with Huobi Wallet

12) REBORN Whitelist Beta Test was started

13) The followers of NEXTYPE official Twitter account exceed 100K

14) The LP Token Mining Pool is officially launched on Heco chain MiningTycoon

15) The NEXTYPE website officially supports Russin and Korean

Core Data

1) Addresses holding NT: 67K

2) NEXTYPE Official Twitter: 138K

3) NEXTYPE Official Telegram: 98K

4) Total NT burnt: 496k

Progress in Development

Ø MiningTycoon

1) Added the new NFT attribute of increasing experience output

2) Optimized the list in the game shop, treasure hunting, weekly login rewards, UI layout, game scene the interface of user login

3) Added NFT collection module in the background

4) Modified the interface of Mining Machines NFT skin

5) Designed the new game map and module

6) Added the function of sending e-mail reminders when the claim fails on-chain

7) Optimized the logic and method of sending on-chain requests in batches

8) Released co-branded NFT game props on both BSC and HECO

9) Added APL of NFT collections

10) Modified the module of editing collections in the background

11) Reconstructed the logic and mechanism of mining pools and Computer Power

12) Redesigned the growth route and UI

13) Designed the functions of LP Token pools

14) Tested the function of NFTs in Wasteland collection

15) Repaired the issues of asynchronous cache data after users' operation

16) Repaired the problem of not displaying revenue during settlement

17) Modified the page of integrated information on the background

18) LP Token MiningPool is activated in Lord Pool on Mining Pool

19) Added the new function about requesting the whitelist of Mining Pool

20) Modified the logic of monitoring NFT collection transaction

21) Added the design of LP Mining Pool and, IGO Pool and the new scene in MiningTycoon 2.0

22) Designed NFT and Mining Machine for Huobi 8th Anniversary

23) Added 2 NFTs in Wasteland collection

Ø NFT Master

1) The resource in REBORN accessed to NFT Master

2) Developed the Mystery Box function in NFT Master

Ø NT GameBox

1) Added tag list and classification of games and article details

2) Modified the game data statistics in the background

3) Added game login records in the background

4) Optimized several new games

5) Deployed the Sea Air Brawl into the official server

6) Dealt with the issues of game login

7) Modified the features of the article editing

8) Modified the API of the pre-order/ updating order payment/ game login log


1) Developed login, signature, authorization, and other functions

2) Sorted out payment function demand and datasheet

3) Added the payment and orders querying interface

4) Optimized the API callback

5) Obtained the API of getting the NFT trading status

6) Completed the docking related to the game login, pre-order, payment API

7) Added the API of creating NFTs/ ranking/ package list/ purchase history

8) Completed the docking of three NFT cards in the game

9) Deployed multi-language configuration on the official website and modified the presale page

10) Adjusted the NFT destruction and transaction status interface

11) Designed NFTs related to REBORN

12) Optimized the parameter analysis of API for requesting transaction status

13) Developed features about whitelist and presale


1) Launched the WHO Campaign with SafePal, the first hardware wallet portfolio of Binance serving more than 4 million users across the globe, and more than 40K users from 160+ countries and regions participated

2) Cooperated with Chainge and ONTO wallet, and the NT listing continues to advance

3) The IDO on DODO was successfully launched with almost 130% fund-raising

4) The official AMA was held in the NEXTYPE Telegram group with 12K+ online users who participated

5) The invitation bonus campaign in MiningTycoon is held on the BSC

6) Nearly 20 influencers publicized covering more than 2M followers

7) More than 570 media jointly publicized, covering the United States, Europe, South America, Asia, and other countries and regions

8) On November 9, NT is officially listed on SafePal Earn campaign, and the joint mining event is officially started

9) On November 12, 2 rounds sale of co-branded NFT with Demeter was held, which was sold out within 4 minutes

10) Planned and officially announced the series events of Mystery Box

11) On November 13, Animal Carnival is officially launched in NT GameBox

12) NEXTYPE was publicized by nearly 10+ influencers in Korea

13) On November 17, REBORN Genesis Airdrop campaign was officially launched with over 11,000 participants

14) On November 19, NFT Master was officially launched on BSC. 2 rounds of sale of NFT was held which was sold out within 1 minute

15) On November 19, the week-long APY Magnifie campaign jointly with HECO was launched, which can earn double NT income by staking USDT in MiningTycoon

16) NEXTYPE was publicized by over 200+ media and 300+ quality community leaders in Korea and China On November 23, Miner's Miracle Mystery Boxes with Huobi Wallet was launched to celebrate Huobi 8th Anniversary

17) On November 23, the joint airdrop with BSCNEWS was launched with over 10,000 participants

18) On November 24, 2 rounds of REBORN NFT presale was held and 1,000 NFT packages were sold out within 2 minutes

19) On November 26, Mystery Boxes were sold out within 30 seconds

20) On November 26, $10,000 worth of REBORN Genesis Airdrop was started with over 20,000 participants

21) On November 27, the whitelist campaign of REBORN Beta Test was started

22) MiningTycoon on BSC is listed on DappRadar, BSC Project and 0xAdventure

23) NEXTYPE was publicized by Huobi Global, Huobi Wallet, and HECO as participating in Huobi 8th anniversary Campaign

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The above is all the contents of NEXTYPE monthly report in November 2021. If you have any comments or suggestions, please leave messages through the NEXTYPE official channels, or join our communities for feedback.


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