NFT Energy Center

NFT Energy Center Introduction

NFT Energy Center is where players use NFT props and view the properties of the used NFT props

NFT props are one of the most attractive parts of Mining Tycoon for players with strong revenue attributes and uniqueness. It can be obtained from airdrop events, staking, or purchasing in NFT Master.

How to use NFT in MiningTycoon?

1. Click [NFT] and enter the NFT Energy Center

2. Click [Clikc to Insert NFT] and choose the NFT you want to use, then click [Use]

What is the NFT Collection?

The game will regularly launch collections of NFT. Each collection will consist of 2-6 NFTs, which will provide additional rare benefits in the game.

How to change the NFT shape of the Mining Machine?

1.Click [NFT] to enter the [NFT Energy Center]

2.Click [click to insert NFT], select the corresponding NFT to insert

3. Then back to the main interface of the game, click any Mining Machine to enter its detailed interface

4.Click the [shape] and select the NFT shapes. Then click [confirm] to replace it.

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