Stage 1: Preparation 2021 Q2-2021 Q4

1. NEXTYPE ecological planning: Analyzed the plan of the NEXTYPE project.

2. Development of the initial product: Completed the development of MiningTycoon.

3. Initial private financing: Completed the first round of private institutional financing.

4. Initial whitepaper: Released NEXTYPE's development plan and goals for 2021.

5. Early Eco-Operation: Built the NEXTYPE global community and launched operational campaigns.

6. MiningTycoon officially launched: The game producing NEXTYPE platform tokens was officially online.

7. NT Gamebox launched: The game box entered the public beta stage.

8. NFT Master officially launched: NFTFi product of NEXTYPE ecology was officially online.

9. The HECO & BSC double-chain operation started.

10. REBORN officially launched: The world's first drama-type blockchain game was officially online.

11. NT listed on mainstream Exchanges: NT was listed on the world's leading Exchanges.

Stage 2: Start-up 2022 Q1-Q2

1. GameFi Incubator will be established and release the first hackathon activity.

2. The NFT exchange protocol NVEP and NFT cross-chain protocol NCCP will be completed and NSwap product 1.0 will be launched.

3. MiningTycoon V2 and the first expansion pack will be launched.

4. NDex 1.0 will be launched. The liquidity mining of the pair of tokens in the first independently issued game / NT will get started.

5. DAO community management will be opened. The first ACG game development will get started.

6. The first IGO project will get started.

7. A number of major GameFi games will be launched, initially forming NEXTYPE's game distribution matrix.

8. NT and independent game tokens will be continued to be listed on several Exchanges.

Stage 3: Expedition 2022 Q3-Q4

1. MiningTycoon expansion pack continues to be launched

2. The functions of NFT Master minting, synthesis, and lending are coming online.

3. NDex 2.0 and multiple liquidity pairs will be released. One-click purchase channel will be accessible.

4. NSwap 2.0 will be launched. The multi-chain crossing function of multi-FT&NFT will be online.

5. NT GameBox market information will be accessible, community forum and asset management tools will be online. NT GameBox PC version will be released.

6. Continuously promote GameFi game distributions and IGO campaigns.

Stage 4: Overlook 2023

1. Through continuous promotion, the GameFi incubator will attract global developers to move in and launch powerful blockchain games to comprehensively improve the quantity and quality of games under the NEXTYPE ecology.

2. Through the continuous upgrade and optimization of the platform infrastructure products, quick access to blockchain games for non-crypto users will be realized to fulfill the mission of serving global game players.

3. Realize the reform and upgrade from NT GameBox to NEXTVERSE, and strive for innovative breakthroughs in various aspects, including 3D visual effects, interaction methods such as AR\VR, and deeply immersive experience of contents to create a game universe belonging to NEXTYPE.

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