🔥FIND FUTURE GAMEFI — The NEXTYPE x Huobi Tech Metaverse Hackathon

Metaverse promotes the development of the blockchain ecosystem and leads the blockchain industry into a new era, which has been reflected into reality from the future. GameFi in Play-to-Earn mode has also been deeply integrated with Metaverse. The ultimate form of Metaverse is consistent with the ultimate goal of GameFi to completely change the game industry through blockchain. To support the development of Metaverse and GameFi, NEXTYPE, the world's leading blockchain game distribution platform, and Huobi Tech will jointly launch Find Future GameFi – The NEXTYPE x Huobi Tech Metaverse Hackathon to bring more resources and financial support to more high-quality GameFi projects, accelerate the development of Web 3.0.

NEXTYPE x Huobi Tech Metaverse Hackathon Officially Website: https://hackathon.nextype.finance


  1. $3,000,000 Total Prize Pool: The huge prize is provided by NEXTYPE, Huobi Tech, and other partners.

  2. Adequate resource support: NEXTYPE will establish GameFi Incubator with well-known investment institutions and other partners to provide comprehensive support for the quality entries of this Metaverse Hackathon.

  3. Fair Review System: The Review Committee will be composed of representatives from NEXTYPE and other partners, and the community voting will weigh the final score to ensure a fair competing environment for all entries.

  4. Investment Opportunities: Winning teams will have the opportunities to communicate and get official support from our excellent crypto Vc partners.

  5. NEXTYPE Official Support: NEXTYPE will provide comprehensive incubation and distribution services for high-quality entries.

  6. Interaction with users: Users not only can participate in Airdrop Events to get rewards but also can participate in the vote for the judging the projects if it's good enough.

  7. Community user deep involvement: Community users will deeply participate in this hackathon by joining in the GameFi and Community Voting events.




April 4

Projects Registration starts.

April 4 - April 30

During the registration period, GameFi Hackation GiftBox events will be jointly held with registered projects to incentivize community users to learn more about projects in Airdrop, Q&A, or other forms.

April 20 - April 30

Find Future GameFi Day: Invite the partner of this Hackathon and well-known GameFi projects to share and participate in online panel discussions (Live on YouTube).

April 30

1.Project submission deadline.

2.The first round of review begins.

May 9

1.The first round of review ends, and the projects that meet the requirements are announced.

2.Online community voting starts.

3.The second round of online roadshow reviews begins.

May 23

1.Online community voting closes.

2.Projects with qualification are announced.

May 30

Demo Day for the qualified projects.

June 6

Projects winning Main Awards and Special Awards are announced.

Awards and Prizes

  1. The First Prize

    • Slot: 1

    • Reward: $100,000 worth of rewards

    • Extra Reward: A BGA Silver Membership

  2. The Second Prize

    • Slot: 2

    • Reward: $50,000 worth of rewards each

  3. The Third Prize

    • Slot: 3

    • Reward: $30,000 worth of rewards each

Special Awards

  • The winning projects can receive incubation resource support.

Prize Distribution Rules

  • At the start of the project: 30% prize will be distributed.

  • When the project progress reaches 50%: 30% prize will be distributed.

  • Upon completion of the project: 40% prize will be distributed.

  • *Hackathon award-winning projects shall timely synchronize the project situation in the official channels so that the Review Committee and the community can keep abreast of the latest progress of the project, and whether the project has been started / 50% completed / fully completed shall be finally determined by the Review Committee.


  1. Entry Requirements

    • Find Future GameFi - The NEXTYPE x Huobi Tech Metaverse Hackathon is open to all developers interested in contributing to the development of GameFi and Metaverse.

  2. Registration Requirements

    • Project intro (required): A complete project introduction (500 words) shall be written for the participating projects.

    • Project Deck (required): A clear project deck shall include but not be limited to a complete and comprehensive project overview, specific and detailed market research, innovative and feasible solutions, reasonable and perfect development planning, well-organized team structure, etc.

    • Project Code (optional): The project code must be open on open-source code platforms, such as GitHub.

    • DAPP / APP Links (optional): Either the official version or the test version.

    • Other Materials (optional): Including but not limited to project introduction videos, project pictures, product screenshots, project official contact information (Twitter, community, etc.), and other supporting materials.

  3. Evaluation

    • 1st Round: The Review Committee will review the project submission materials. The projects that meet the entry requirements and submission requirements will be publicized on the official website of Hackathon after the first round of review.

    • 2nd Round: The Review Committee will evaluate and score the projects (90%) and weigh the Community Vote (10%) to decide the qualified project:

      • Product quality: Refers to the overall sense of the quality of the game, including art style, world outlook, story theme, UI / UE, dynamic effect, etc.

      • Gameplay innovation: Refers to the game's innovation at the gameplay level and the unique gameplay design, game system design, etc., compared with the popular game products in the market.

      • Economic system: Refers to the economic system design and numerical design in the game, which is considered from the dimensions of rationality, attraction, long-term mechanism, and user stickiness.

      • User-friendliness: Refers to the friendliness of the game to users, which is considered from the entry cost of the game, the difficulty of operation, the difficulty of system understanding, the depth of game content, etc.

      • Project progress: Refers to the development of the project, including technology development, marketing, financing progress, etc.

      • Core team: Refers to the experience, R & D ability, understanding of blockchain, understanding of GameFi / Metaverse, and attitude of the core R & D team of the game.

    • 3rd Round: The qualified projects will be able to participate in Demo Day to present their projects and get scored by the Review Committee.


Organizer: NEXTYPE

Co-organizer: Huobi Tech

Special Partner: OKC, BGA

Review Committee: It is composed of representatives from NEXTYPE and partners

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